Global Script

By All99end on May 20, 2007

Simple script. /auser yourname 400 then type !Global [TEXT] in any channels your bots in. Add colours if you want to. Enjoy ;-)

| Global script by:                |
|                                  |
|      All99end                    |

on 400:TEXT:!Global*:#: {
  amsg [GLOBAL] $2- [Sent by $nick ]


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cantseeme   -  May 21, 2007

Most everyone can do /amsg\'s.

|MELIORITE|   -  May 21, 2007

Copyright is a right, as much as intellectual property is a right... including a ; won\'t make any more or less protected but could serve as evidence of an attempt to assert a right over it. There is a use for this if for example you wanted to use the bot as an advertising bot across chans and you add people to the user levels to send their global ads or messages. Personally, I have no use for it and would find it annoying, however, thats not to say that there is absolutely no use for it for other people.

cantseeme   -  May 21, 2007

There IS no use for this. Unless you run a irc server and want to allow non opers to send messages.
(very annoying imo)

mysterycool   -  May 21, 2007

ok u got 2 for this???? dude... sorry but that\'s so stupid! And by the way... there are some stupid things. First, u didn\'t use a ; so u could remove the copyright if someone would want to edit it. And second, this coding is very.... child-coding... U could do somehting more interesting! Oh... from me... -10/10 :)

|MELIORITE|   -  May 20, 2007

The difference between this and /amsg is that this is a remote, for example, getting a bot to send an /amsg rather than a first person user. The adding of a user at level 400 enables the use of the script remotely. However, this could be developed to add users and user levels to bots remotely making this a little more complete for remote use.

xDaeMoN   -  May 20, 2007

It will only be abused if you give access to abusers ;)

Lindrian   -  May 20, 2007

this can be abused, by someone spamming it. How about adding a limit per nick?

Noutrious   -  May 20, 2007

Add ; before NON-SCRIPTS and don`t be sucha fool, add something more, i think even a 5 years old child could script this.

cantseeme   -  May 20, 2007

Firstly: Its /auser LEVEL NICK
What is the difference between this and and /amsg?
I mean you\'re just putting a feature inside of a event.
(This is a rather waste, when I simply type /amsg Hello all instead of !global Hello all.
and it really isnt a global.)

/wallops I am great

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