Fun commands!

By All99end on May 18, 2007

Heres some simple fun commands. Read the scripts and you'll understand what to do.

on *:TEXT:!Witch*:#: {  
  msg $chan 4,1OMG! $2- IS A WITCH!!
  describe $chan ties $2- to a chair and chucks `em in a river! XD
on *:TEXT:!Stab*:#: {
  msg $chan 4Rawr! 
  describe $chan stabs $2- where the sun don't shine! 
on *:TEXT:!PK*:#: {
  msg $chan 4Mwahha eat dds $2-
  describe $chan K.0s $2-
  msg $chan 4Haha nub..
on *:TEXT:!Cookie*:#: {
  msg $chan Here have a cookie!
  describe $chan hands $2- a cookie, enjoy ;)
on *:TEXT:!Shoot*:#: {
  msg $chan Your going down $2-
  describe $chan shoots $2- several times before kicking his dead body until the head detaches from the neck. Ewww
on *:TEXT:!Money*:#: {
  describe $chan nicks some of $2- 's hard earned cash! XD


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Ghost-writer   -  Aug 28, 2009

hate it completely! 8/10

F R E E Z E   -  Jul 01, 2007

Simple, but fun.

3 words to describe this script.

mysterycool   -  May 21, 2007

u have very few commands! I mean add some more to get a better score or something... Anyway... I guess is one of ur stupid codes as every script of yours is.... And again by the way... 1/10 from me...

Trav   -  May 18, 2007

Quite simple, you could\'ve done like when you type !stab +nick it would say
+botname swirls around and stabs +nick in the back
+botname jumps on +nick and stabs him

So it would be random out\'ve a few choices.

Again, quite simple but fun :D

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