Manage custom 'badnicks'

By Lindrian on May 17, 2007

I saw there was a 'guest' kicked here on hawkee, i thought i might post my own version I use.
Althought I tried making it more user friendly.

Simply put the script in a new page in your remotes. (Alt + r)

Type the cmd /check.nicks in your active channel window, to 'scan' it for the badnicks.

on *:start: {
  if !%option { echo -st 4Please input a option for the bad nick trigger. Type //set % $+ option kick for it to kick, or anything else to leave it as default (ban). If nothing is input the ban option will be used. }
  if !%trigger { echo -st 4Please choose a trigger for the badnicks, or the default "guest" will be used. Change it by doing the following: //set % $+ trigger <trigger here> }

alias check.nicks {
  if $nick($chan,$me,oh) && $active ischan {
    var %i = 1, %z = $nick($chan,0)
    while %i <= %z {
      if $wildtok($nick($chan,%i),$+(*,$iif(%trigger,$v1,guest),*),1,32) && $nick($chan,%i) != $me {
        $iif(%option == kick,$v2,ban -k) $chan $nick($chan,%i)
      inc %i


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Lindrian   -  May 18, 2007

Kerst, the on start will only trigger if the options are not set.

1) on start works the same as on load, when your loading the script.
2) having it on /check.nicks just feels stupid and usless.

kerstt   -  May 18, 2007

looks nice, although i dont find the on start very handy cause that will evaluate all the time, better check if u do /check.nicks

|MELIORITE|   -  May 17, 2007


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