Deop protection for you on your channel

By Chase on May 12, 2007

it uses sop pass or aop pass in your channel and it automatically mods u back put your password where i have password i made this script so don't hate lol i worked on this snippet for awhile i finally got it its perty simple lol for ChatSpace Thanks Havox for your help to! :)Im trying to get where if you know owners pass in a bunch of rooms a box asking the pass will show up

Put in your remotes! 

on *:deop:#:{if ($opnick == $me) { services identify # password } }


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xplo   -  Nov 06, 2008

FTW, small codes like this shall be deleted.

Joshuaxiong1   -  Dec 14, 2007

I\'m don\'t know how to script but...

on :deop:#:{if ($opnick == $me) { services update } }
:dehelp:#:{if ($hnick == $me) { services update } }
on *:devoice:#:{if ($vnick == $me) { services update } }

Len   -  Jul 14, 2007


AHBARAR   -  Jun 03, 2007

i see |MELIORITE| and Bouncer are rights so even if u deop ur self u gain op again and tht cant work u have to make a dailog so when u deop ur self it dont op u again and yeah if u add some more commands it will be more lovly and useful

|MELIORITE|   -  May 14, 2007

OK... so you\'ve been deopped and got yourself back into ops, now you get a ban on a server Bot... perhaps if this was to have any applicable use, it would be included in a range of self protections.... anti-kick, anti-ban, deop, etc....

Bouncer   -  May 13, 2007

That would be Havoc* not Havox. Also it should be made to work in multiple channels and not just one. That makes it pretty useless. Also it will reop you even if it is you deoping yourself. Seems like it would only interfere in my opinion.

Chase   -  May 13, 2007

well im not gonna get mad cause it works very useful i use it in multiple rooms and everyone has there own right to there opinion

Lindrian   -  May 13, 2007

If i would be allowed to give you a score below 1, you\'d be the first one to get it.

Shadow Clash   -  May 13, 2007


Shadow Clash   -  May 13, 2007

Whats so special? o_o

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