Admin tool

By Chase on May 12, 2007

admin tools add to your remotes

menu nicklist,channel {
 Admin Commands
 .Login As Operator:/raw oper $$?="Nick" $$?="Operpassword"
 .Kill:/kill $$?="Enter Nickname"
 ..Add User:/msg operserv akill add $$?="Enter mask please" : $$?="Enter reason"
 ..Del User:/msg operserv akill del $$?="Enter Mask" 
 ..List:/msg operserv akill list
 ..24Hours:/gline $$?="Enter user@hostname" 86400 : $$?="Enter reason"
 ..30Days:/gline $$?="Enter user@hostname" 30d : $$?="Enter reason"
 ..Perm:/gline $$?="Enter user@hostname:" : $$?="Enter reason:"
 ..Del:/gline - $+ $$?="Enter user@hostname:"
 ..List:stats g
 ..Add User:/shun $$?="Enter user@hostname:" $$?="Enter Time:" : $$?="Enter reason:"
 ..Del User:/shun - $+ $$?="Enter user@host" 0 0
 .SAJoin:/sajoin $$?="Nick" $$?="Channel"
 .SAPart:/sapart $$?="Nick" $$?="Channel"


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a careful warchild   -  Sep 20, 2008

Why use / you dont need it. Also on the Oper Up you dont need raw you can just use

.Login As Oper: oper $$?="Nick" $$?="Password"


only a few minor errors but other than that its okay.

PuNkTuReD   -  Sep 20, 2008

lol dont ya love people puttin down scripts who havent even posted any of their own.

Len   -  Jul 14, 2007

but this is far from it

Solo   -  May 13, 2007

Not every script has to be \"special\"

Shadow Clash   -  May 13, 2007

What is soo special about this? :|

BackoffJackson   -  May 12, 2007

Nothing special.

Xemnas   -  May 12, 2007


Chase   -  May 12, 2007

I have delted the pop ups hat didnt work

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