Bot Access List

By DarkFlaze on May 07, 2007

Well this is my access list, For Bots, Recommended for Networks such as QuakeNET and EFNET.

on *:Join:#Channel:{
  if ($address == { /mode #Channel +qo $nick $nick | /halt }
  if ($address == xuanliew@Prince.From.Heaven) { /mode #Channel +ao $nick $nick | /halt }
  if ($address == sippy12332@36910918.C9CF22A6.D68764BF.IP) { /mode #Channel +qo $nick $nick | /halt }
  if ($address == { /mode #Channel +ao $nick $nick | /halt }
  if ($address == { /mode #Channel +ao $nick $nick | /halt }
  if ($address == Guardian@Zero.Sacrifice.Painless) { /mode #Channel +ao $nick $nick | /halt }
  if ($address == Saurabh@30DABBDE.A115955.163697FB.IP) { /mode #Channel +ao $nick $nick | /halt }
  if ($address == { /mode #Channel +ao $nick $nick | /halt }
  if ($address == Spydurmon@30DABBDE.A115955.163697FB.IP) { /mode #Channel +ao $nick $nick | /halt }
  if ($nick == Xemnas) { /mode #Channel +ao $nick $nick | /halt }

remember this is for nicknames and addresses, for addresses that start as *!* make $nick $wildsite, and For full Addresses such as Blah@I.Am.Net make it $address, If it is someone who uses one nickname use $nick

remember: when its mode #channel +o $nick, Keep the $nick


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guest598594   -  Feb 19, 2008

i would just use /auser or /guser

Chat-Police   -  Feb 19, 2008

wheres your snippet Noutrious? have you posted it, would be interested to see it thanks

DarkFlaze   -  Oct 12, 2007

Ah, I was such a noob back then, 4 months have gone by, My Scripting isn\'t perfect, But I\'m trying.

Noutrious   -  May 09, 2007

1/10, i have coded about 7x better script in 5 minutes, sorry - this is nonsents.
Ill post mine tommorow.

Storm2108   -  May 09, 2007

Nice Script But Should Edit it 7/10

xDaeMoN   -  May 07, 2007

Another suggestion would simply be the use of /auser or /guser for access levels.

Lindrian   -  May 07, 2007

I would use a seperate list of some sort, ini, txt, hashtable.. You name it.

If not, id use:

if ($istok(address1 address2,$addess($nick,2),32)) {

no /\'s needed

Daveoh   -  May 07, 2007

You do need to post a new snippet to fix a mistake, simply click edit on your snippet page. (There is one over the code box)

DarkFlaze   -  May 07, 2007

example of this is:

on :Join:#Channel:{
if ($address == { /mode #Channel +o $nick | /halt }
if ($wildsite ==
!* { /mode #Channel +v $nick | /halt }
if ($nick == qwerty) { /mode #Channel +o $nick | /halt }

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