Channel Mode Popup

By chicknh8r on May 01, 2007

This snippet is my attempt to take a little guess work out of what channel modes do what.
Copy this code, then in your mIRC, click ALT+R, then goto 'File', then goto 'New'. Paste the code, then do a 'save-as' and name it whatever you'd like. After you hit 'OK', you should now be able to right click in a channel window and have a menu popup.
The modes that are currently set in that channel have a checkmark in front of them. Simply click the mode you want to change. I hope you find this usefull.

menu channel {
  $iif($active != status,$xu($chan) $xb($xc($chan)))
  .$xu($chan) $+ 's Adjustable Modes $xb($xa($chan)): echo -a $xa
  .$xs(A) (A) Admins only Channel: $xm(A)
  .$xs(C) (C) No CTCPs allowed in the Channel: $xm(C)
  .$xs(G) (G) Censor Bad Language: $xm(G)
  .$xs(M) (M) Must be using a registered nick(+r), or have voice access to talk: $xm(M)
  .$xs(K) (K) /KNOCK is not allowed: $xm(K)
  .$xs(N) (N) No Nickname changes are permitted in the Channel: $xm(N)
  .$xs(O) (O) IRC Operator only Channel (settable by IRCops): $xm(O)
  .$xs(Q) (Q) No Kicks Allowed: $xm(Q)
  .$xs(R) (R) Only registered(+r) users may join the Channel: $xm(R)
  .$xs(S) (S) Strips mIRC color codes: $xm(S)
  .$xs(T) (T) No NOTICEs allowed in the Channel: $xm(T)
  .$xs(V) (V) /INVITE is not allowed: $xm(V)
  .$xs(c) (c) Block messages containing mIRC color codes: $xm(c)
  .$xs(i) (i) A user must be invited to join the Channel: $xm(i)
  .$xs(k) (k) <key> = Users must specify <key> to join: $xm(k) $iif(k !isincs $xc($chan),$$?="Enter a key")
  .$xs(l) (l) <number of max users> = Channel may hold at most <number> of users: $xm(l) $iif(l !isincs $xc($chan),$$?="Enter Limit")
  .$xs(m) (m) Moderated Channel(only +vhoaq users may speak): $xm(m) 
  .$xs(n) (n) Users outside the Channel can not send PRIVMSGs to the Channel: $xm(n)
  .$xs(p) (p) Private Channel: $xm(p)
  .$xs(r) (r) The Channel is registered (settable by Services only): $xm(r)
  .$xs(s) (s) Secret Channel: $xm(s)
  .$xs(u) (u) Auditorium mode (/names and /who $+($chr(35),channel) only show Channel OPS): $xm(u)
  .$xs(z) (z) Only Clients on a Secure Connection (SSL) can join: $xm(z)
menu nicklist {
  $iif($1 != $null, $1 ))
  .QuickInfo $xb($1):$xr
  .Channel $xb($chan):$xr
  .Ident $xi($1).n:$xr
  .Host $xi($1).h:$xr
  .Idle Time $xi($1).i:$xr
  .Com. ch. $xi($1).c:$xr
  ..$+($iif(v isin $xl($1),-,+),v): mode $chan $+($iif(v isin $xl($1),-,+),v) $$1
  ..$+($iif(h isin $xl($1),-,+),h): mode $chan $+($iif(h isin $xl($1),-,+),h) $$1
  ..$+($iif(o isin $xl($1),-,+),o): mode $chan $+($iif(o isin $xl($1),-,+),o) $$1
  ..$+($iif(a isin $xl($1),-,+),a): mode $chan $+($iif(a isin $xl($1),-,+),a) $$1
  ..$+($iif(q isin $xl($1),-,+),q): mode $chan $+($iif(q isin $xl($1),-,+),q) $$1

alias -l xc return $chan($chan).mode
alias -l xa return $chanmodes
alias -l xs return $style($iif($1 isincs $xc,5,4))
alias -l xm return mode $chan $+($iif($1 isincs $xc,-,+),$1)
alias -l xu return $replace($1,$left($1,2),$upper($left($1,2)))
alias -l xb return $+($chr(91),$1,$chr(93))
alias -l xl return $replace($remove($nick($chan,$1).pnick,$1),+,v,%,h,@,o,&,a,~,q)
alias -l xr return
alias -l xi {
  if (!$1) { return }
  var %a = $left($nick($chan,$1).pnick,1), %b = $replace(%a,~,Owner,&,Admin,@,Operator,%,Half Operator,+,Voiced), %c 
  if ($prop == l) { %c = $xb($+(%a,$chr(32),%b)) }
  if ($prop == h) { %c = $xb($phost($1)) }
  if ($prop == n) { %c = $xb($pident($1)) }
  if ($prop == i) { %c = $xb($pidle($1)) }
  if ($prop == c) { %c = $xb($replace($comchans($1),$chr(32),$chr(44))) }
  if ($prop == a) { %c = $xb($address($1,5)) }
  return %c


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Sharky_Dude   -  Jul 17, 2011

This is actually a pretty nice snippet, too bad I wasn't into irc when you posted this.

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