Another ?page= (id) Script

By Brandon on Apr 27, 2007

Well, Just edit this and you should have something. o.o

                  ~ Brandon

Its Another Script using things like:


if (!isset($_GET['page'])){
print "This Be The Homepage.";
if($_GET['page'] == 2){
print "Aye This be the Page 2";

Edit this and your in!


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natar   -  Dec 20, 2010

It's same like this page

Blank   -  Sep 03, 2007

I\'d just be worried about throwing up errors if i ran that. It only checks if the get field is set once. The way to do this without incurring errors would be to have all the checks for the pages inside the \"if (isset($_GET[\'page\'])){\". I\'d also suggest using switch instead of \"if\" statements for the page numbers.

Brandon   -  May 04, 2007

No Comments eh?

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