Colour Talker

By Storm2108 on Apr 26, 2007

Right this is a Talker like when you type "lol" It will Come out with Laughing Out Loud but in color :) Hope you like Goes in new remote Script Editor > Remote > File > New then put the code in :)


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LucSatise   -  Feb 01, 2008

u need the input part at the top:

on *:INPUT:*:{
ISM   -  Jan 14, 2008

if ($1 == ty): { //say 15,14,1 12,1[]4,115,1T14,1ha15,1nk15,1 Y14,1o15,1u4,1 12,1[]4,115,1 $2- | halt }

i copy this cod and past on remort and click ok. i type \"ty\" in chat room and it didnt do anything

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Jul 15, 2007
If (c isincs $chan($chan).mode)

Try that.....

Shadow Clash   -  Jul 15, 2007

die storm, hacker

S*A*U*R*A*B*H   -  May 11, 2007


Chevy   -  Apr 30, 2007

Some of the stuff in your Color Talker is not needed and it\'s making it look messy i will get back with you some time and tell you some things that can be changed so you can do so or leave it like that.

S*A*U*R*A*B*H   -  Apr 28, 2007


|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 27, 2007

Well... it all comes out with the same colour coding so black and white looks just as good. Some channels (in fact quite a number) have colour sending blocked (mode +c) so the code would not be sent. Seems quite laborious for something more like a gimmick than a snippet.

Storm2108   -  Apr 27, 2007

Dude im ZLINED from axpi and no me and Ken made this as a team and Flaze pissed me off

S*A*U*R*A*B*H   -  Apr 27, 2007

Storm? isn\'t that ken\'s snippet and that color on aXpi2.. and why are you Glines from aXpi2? why you hacked flaze?

Storm2108   -  Apr 26, 2007

This is from my script pretty easy to make so i thought ill post t here to since theres hardly no Talkers

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