shoot game :)

By FRISH on Apr 21, 2007

This is my first proper script, but has been worked on quite a bit. In this game people are chosen at random to put the gun against their head, and a timer goes to see if you live or die. You have an 8/9 chance of surviving.

To load this, first put into your remotes section (Alt+R) and load it. Or put it into a .mrc file and type "/load -rs filename.mrc" if its in the mirc directory.

To play this game you need to type /fsg (short for FRISH's Suicide Game) or right click then click on "suicide game" or click on the commands tab at the top then the text saying "Frish's Suicide Game". After doing any of these a form will come up full of buttons that you press to so commands for the game.

If you want more information on what the buttons do click on "Help", then "Help". If you want more information on the game click "Help" on the first form, then "About".

Other players will type !scommands to find out what commands they can use (a notice is sent).

The channel that you play the game will be determined by where you press !suicidegame or when others type !suicidegame. You can though change the channel by clicking on the "set new channel" button and/or you can lock it by clicking on "lock/unlock channel" button so the channel cant by changed by other players, or they can after clicking it again.

You can add bots to this to be ignored from the game so they wont be chosen. Just replace botname1/2/3 with the name of your bots (there are 2 to replace of each botname in the picknewrandom alias)

*The same player cant be picked on twice in a row now
NOTE: if there is only 1 player in the room it'll loop the coding so its best to do when theres more people in, ill try and fix this

Some more minor tidying up of coding
Tidied up variables more
!shoother doesnt say "himself" or "him" ingame anymore lol
Added Help section for help on commands
Added About section

Possibly to come (dont get ya hopes up):
A game to state the winner for the last player alive
A full sequence of players to play (but htis probably wont happen)

Screenshot of game, !newshooter button and !SHOOTSETPLAYER button:


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Blue   -  Jul 31, 2007

lol, noob! xD jk m8, you submitted this. nais.

i like it

FRISH   -  Jul 31, 2007

ty glad ya liked it ;)

lexie   -  Jul 29, 2007

i love this script! its sooo fun. made me giggle loads. :) well done :) XX

FRISH   -  Jun 11, 2007

Glad you enjoyed it :D, the only thing is that you cant see the game if you have a black/navy blue background colour :(, and some of the variables aren\'t undeclared when unloaded which i should get round to.

AHBARAR   -  Jun 03, 2007

its wonderful game but it never stop playing hehehehe but i give u 10 and more i liked this script >:D

FRISH   -  May 13, 2007

Which has now been fixed for a while now :)

FRISH   -  Apr 22, 2007

Yes there was difficulty, under the alias for \"picknewrandom\", when this was called under the timer, it wouldnt work otherwise, so if i only had #yourchannelnamehere in picknewrandom then you could play the game in another channel whilst having the picknewrandom in the channel, so thats why i did what i did :(. But im glad you like it :).

|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 21, 2007

I\'m sure some will have fun with this... I wonder was there any difficulty in using $chan as opposed to \"#yourchannelnamehere\"? Then just take the nicklist of $chan (subtracting bots if you like)? Using $chan then you won\'t need \"if (# == #yourchan)\" since whatever channel the text commands are given in it will operate.

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