anti-devoice script

By Blue on Apr 20, 2007

this is my first summitted script, half of the credit goes to StormFury, who helped me write it. all this short little script does is revoice u if u get devoiced.


also, it hasnt been tested on servers not running on chanserv but i know it works with chanserv.

just press ALT+R in your irc and copy this into your remote section

(filler DO NOT COPY THIS PART..................................................................................)

copy this part

on *:devoice:#: { 
  if ($vnick == $me) { 
    chanserv voice # $me


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|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 22, 2007

Yeah I saw your note that this is your first script. Take the comments written as \"constructive ideas\" rather than \"destructive criticisms\". The idea is to help each other build better, cleaner code. So, the ideas given above: 1. evaluate where there may be some possible difficulties in implementing the code; 2. some suggestions in improving the code; and 3. generally in feedback people will also offer alternate coding options to make the code cleaner and quicker. That\'s all it is :)

Blue   -  Apr 21, 2007

jeez this was my first script...

|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 21, 2007

PS ... btw, if your \"auto voice\" has been removed from the chan list then I see you have noted this will have no effect. If a user has been devoiced for a reason and then appealing to the auto-voice to gain it again could result in permament removal(?) (Just to iterate my point above in a different way)

|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 21, 2007

I agree with the above and note that if voice has been taken by an ops, then the script would continually wish to wage war with the devoice if the ops continually chooses to devoice. The result could be far worse than merely being devoiced. There are many snippets in here that provide voice protection along with other protections (e.g. devoice, deop, kick / ban, protects), and as part of a fuller \"package\" are more enticing to a person wishing to obtain some protection. Using rawmode to restore a channel modes can be very useful- the replacement part is merely \".mode $chan $replacex($1-,+,-,-,+)\". Having \"on @*:...\" at the commencement saves getting messages that the code is ineffectual when you don\'t have ops...

RusselB   -  Apr 20, 2007

Without the chanserv service, this script will fail. It will also fail if you are using a nick that hasn\'t been registered with nickserv and/or a nick that hasn\'t been identified for via nickserv.

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