By ShowstoppeR on Jun 09, 2004

Whats New!? --> Fixed $nick is not on the channel --> An akick control

#AKICK off
on 1:JOIN:#channel:if (nick ison #channel) && (nick ison #channel) { /kick #channel nick AKICK LIST #1 } { /kick #channel nick AKICK LIST #2 }  
menu nicklist {
  Akick Control
  .Turn Akick on:/ .enable #AKICK | /echo 3 Time To KicK! | /echo 3 Youve Turned On The AKICK Script
  .Turn Akick off:/ .disable #AKICK | /echo Later... | /echo 3 Youve Turned Off The AKICK Script


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sailoreagle   -  Jun 12, 2004

Showstopper, this cannot work properly. You\'re not using proper scripting syntax, ffs. Pairing if statements with a && means the script\'ll only trigger if both checks return true, which is obviously not what wanted here (you\'re going to akick people you don\'t want in only when they\'re BOTH in the channel at the same time?), and you cannot use { } brackets that way. I suggest a good beginner\'s scripting guide.

CRadle_of_filth   -  Jun 11, 2004

ShowstoppeR, on the first text you posted says change blah blah.. You Can Edit The Snippet yourself and make it say something else

Hawkee   -  Jun 11, 2004

I\'ve removed your first submission of this snippet.

Hawkee   -  Jun 11, 2004

Showstopper, please edit your snippet instead of submitting a second one.

ShowstoppeR   -  Jun 11, 2004

but sailoreagle it works for you?

sailoreagle   -  Jun 10, 2004

I still can\'t quite see how this is going to work - you messed up the ison checks quite a bit. Also - you do realize you can EDIT snippets, right?

ShowstoppeR   -  Jun 10, 2004

Put this on the remotes

ShowstoppeR   -  Jun 09, 2004

Change the nick and the channel!

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