Typing tester;) test how fast u typ

By kerstt on Apr 18, 2007

a lil typing tester:P
if u want to add more words
/write words.txt theword
Thanks urza for help, also i added some thinks u suggested :P
here's the script (btw ma second window >.<)

menu * {
  Typing speed tester: {
    /window -CEk0 +fsebt @Typtester
    /aline 4 @typtester U just started the typing tester, u got 5 seconds to typ in every word:O
    /aline 4 @typtester Make urself ready we start in 5 seconds! the words are Case-Sensitive
    /aline 4 @typtester Good luck!
alias typtester {
  .timer 30 5 /rline 7 @typtester 3 $!read(words.txt)
  .timer 1 151 /aline 8 @typtester times up! u had $+(%,typcount) Words correct! That are $calc( $+(%,typcount) / 150) words per second. | /rline 7 @typtester \/ 3 Times up ur Score! \/
on *:input:@typtester:{
  if ($1 === $line(@typtester,3)) {
    inc %typcount
    /rline 9 @typtester 3 Nice $nick $+ . U got it correct!
  else { /rline 4 @typtester 3 Aw $nick $+ . U got it wrong!
alias typwords {
  if (%typer === $null) {
    set %typer yoo dont delete this else u up ur typ tester.
    /write words.txt Hatetolove
    /write words.txt Heaven
    /write words.txt Hell
    /write words.txt MircScripting
    /write words.txt Dynamic
    /write words.txt Checker
    /write words.txt Men&Woman
    /write words.txt Interesting
    /write words.txt Satisfied
    /write words.txt SwiftIrc
    /write words.txt Kerstmade
    /write words.txt Vision
    /write words.txt Amplifier
    /write words.txt Typtester
    /write words.txt Window
on *:close:@typtester:{ /timers off
  /unset %typcount


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|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 19, 2007

OK... a nice idea and mildly entertaining. As a true typing \"test\" I guess I would have hoped more of the keyboard range to have been covered (for example the old test \"the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog\"). I know its not a language test, but a typing test, yet I still cannot overlook the \"Men & Woman\" test item which requires a plural and singular together... perhaps that is the true test of typing... to not rely on preconceived constructs. Overall--> I like the idea and the script seems well ordered... and while all the \"/\" parts are not necessary I don\'t think their inclusion detracts from the look or function of the snippet. By the way, has \"hatetolove\" always been one word?

xDaeMoN   -  Apr 18, 2007

@ Sasuke, just looking at the code, it would be for yourself.

Sasuke   -  Apr 18, 2007

...Please... learn how to type! \"Yoo\" is not \"You\".

Does it work for other people, or just yourself?

peterpowell   -  Apr 18, 2007

you dont need all of the \"/\"


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