Sea food

By BrainBryce on Apr 14, 2007

Updated so well, Restaurant + Magic Shop don't work.... Will be updating. If you use plz mention my name :)

on *:TEXT:!pub:#:{
  timer 1 1 notice $nick Welcome to te pub.. |Te Menu|
  timer 1 2 notice $nick Beer - Vodka - Larga - Latin Wine - Wine - Shrew - Besteran - Meltorine - french wine - Gobstopeas
  timer 1 3 notice $nick Commands are as followed:
  timer 1 5 notice $nick !beer - !vodka - !larga - !lwine - !wine - !shrew - !bsran - !morine - !fwine - !gsps

on *:TEXT:!cshop:#:{
  notice $nick Menu
  notice $nick Cappucino - Tea - Coffee - Special coffee
  notice $nick !cappucino - !tea - !coffee - !scoffee

on *:TEXT:!commands:#:{
  timer 1 1 notice $nick Commands are as followes:
  timer 1 2 notice $nick !seafood  -  - - Im Hungry =)
  timer 1 3 notice $nick !seadrinks - - - Yumsty
  timer 1 4 notice $nick !seafruits - - - o_O Seafruits
  timer 1 5 notice $nick !pub - - - - - - Im gonna get drunk
  timer 1 6 notice $nick !restaurant  - - Yum Yum :)  (Not Avaliable)
  timer 1 7 notice $nick !magicshop - - - Expelliamus :O  (Not availaible at the moment)
  timer 1 8 notice $nick !cshop - - - - - Coffee shop, Im thirsty

on *:TEXT:!seafood:#:{
  msg $chan 12,11 $nick Goes to The Sea Food Man :)
  timer 1 1 notice $nick |Te Menu|
  timer 1 3 notice $nick Crab - Lobster - JellyFish - Stingray - Trout - Salmon - Shrimp - shark - dolphin - whale - sardine - lavaeel - Luckychest
  timer 1 4 notice $nick Tuna - Red Snapper - Mackeral - Herring - Anchovies - cod - pike - slimy eel - eel - bass - monk fish - manta ray - sea turtle - 
  timer 1 5 notice $nick Commands followed for this :
  timer 1 6 notice $nick !crab - !lobster - !jellyfish - !stingray - !trout - !salmon - !shrimp - !shark - !dolphin - !sardine - !whale - !leel - !chest 
  timer 1 7 notice $nick !tuna - !rsnapp - !mackeral - !herring - !anchovies - !cod - !pike - !seel - !eel - !bass - !mfish - !mray - !sturtle
  timer 1 9 notice $nick Happy ordering! Made by pingpong1 !!!!!! :)
  timer 1 10 notice $nick If you want Some drinks type !seadrinks
  timer 1 11 notice $nick come to the sea drinks shop. Its spectacular, Type !seadrinks

on *:TEXT:!seadrinks:#:{
  msg $chan 4,8 $nick Walks over to the sea drinks bar
  timer 1 1 notice $nick |Te Drinks|
  timer 1 3 notice $nick  Juice - Orange - Banana - Rasberry - Strawberry - Cherry - Seawater - Water - Salt water - Pinapple - Apple
  timer 1 4 notice $nick They are all juices!!!
  timer 1 5 notice $nick How to say them is the following :
  timer 1 6 notice $nick !juice - !bananaj - !rberryj - !sberryj - !cherryj - !swater - !water - !saltwater - !pineapplej - !applej .
  timer 1 7 notice $nick And our very special
  timer 1 8 notice $nick Seaweed Juice!!!! - !sweedj
  timer 1 9 notice $nick If you tried those. Try !fruits  for some refreshing fruits (not juices) !!!!

on *:TEXT:!seafruits:#:{
  msg $chan 9,8 $nick goes to the sea fruit place :)
  timer 1 1 notice $nick |The fruits|
  timer 1 3 notice $nick Apple - Banana - Clementine - Grapes - kiwi - lemon - mango - cherry - pear - strawberry - rasberry - pinapple -
  timer 1 4 notice $nick Cucumber - melon - orange - tomato - watermelon - carrots .
  timer 1 5 notice $nick Type the following to get it :
  timer 1 6 notice $nick !apple - !banana - !clementine - !grapes - !kiwi - !lemon - !mango - !cherry - !pear - !sberry - !rberry - !papple -
  timer 1 7 notice $nick !cucumber - !melon - !orange - !tomato - !wmelon - !carrots .
  timer 1 8 notice $nick Have fun ordering!

on *:TEXT:!magicshop:#:{
  msg $chan Magic Shop. Open. Welcome.
  timer 1 1 notice $nick Welcome to the Magic Shop.
  timer 1 2 notice $nick You Can use these magic tricks any time by typing for eg. !<magic_trick> <name> (Not avaialable at the moment.)

on *:text:*:#:{
  if ($1 == !juice) describe $chan tosses a bottle of nice juicy juice to $nick
  if ($1 == !bananaj) describe $chan passes $nick some bananananana juice filled to the top!
  if ($1 == !rberryj) describe $chan delivers $nick some rasberry juice which kinda tastes like strawberry =/
  if ($1 == !sberryj) describe $chan gives $nick some strawberry juice which tasted like rasberry =/
  if ($1 == !cherryj) describe $chan throws $nick some cherrys and a juicer. He has to make the juice himself... :( What a bad sea drink counter....
  if ($1 == !swater) msg $chan DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!
  if ($1 == !water) describe $chan gives $nick a big nice bottle of water to refresh himself with.
  if ($1 == !saltwater) describe $chan says its too salty... :) 
  if ($1 == !pineapplej) describe $chan throws a bottle of pineapple juice to $nick . Wtf ive never heard of it?
  if ($1 == !sweedj) describe $chan specially gives $nick the super special Sea weed juice. For some reson it tastes delicous!!!
  if ($1 == !applej) describe $chan throws a big tub of apple juice.
  if ($1 == !apple) describe $chan passes $nick a big red juicy apple.
  if ($1 == !banana) describe $chan tosses $nick a big yellow banana which is very nice :D
  if ($1 == !clementine) describe $chan doesnt know what it is but he still gives it to $nick with no description.. :(
  if ($1 == !grapes) describe $chan gives $nick a bunchful or purple,yellow,red,green and black grapes :)
  if ($1 == !kiwi) describe $chan passes $nick a kiwi which he gobbles up
  if ($1 == !lemon) describe $chan throws a lemon into $nick 's face and also he dies of lemon juice eye burning
  if ($1 == !mango) describe $chan gives $nick a big mango
  if ($1 == !cherry) describe $chan gobbles up all the cheeries hes meant to give to the customer.. o well =/
  if ($1 == !pear) describe $chan is all out of pears :(
  if ($1 == !sberry) describe $chan gives $nick some strawberrys
  if ($1 == !rberry) describe $chan gives $nick a handful of rasberrys
  if ($1 == !papple) describe $chan tosses $nick a pineapple which he doesnt know how to eat it :O
  if ($1 == !cucumber) describe $chan slices some cucucucmber with a knife chops himself and screams outloud.
  if ($1 == !melon) describe $chan gives $nick some really nice melon.. which tastes like watermelon... :/
  if ($1 == !orange) describe $chan gobbles up the orange in about 5 seconds.
  if ($1 == !tomato) describe $chan doesnt know if this is a fruit or vegetable. Oh well i am dumb...
  if ($1 == !wmelon) describe $chan gives $nick some watermelon which tastes like melon... =/
  if ($1 == !carrots) msg $chan THIS IS A VEGETABLE NOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!!!!! $nick is a big NOOOOOB!!!!!!
  if ($1 == !crab) describe $chan Passes $nick a crab on a plate and $nick eats it Yum :p
  if ($1 == !lobster) describe $chan tosses $nick a lobster it pinches your nose runs away :D, You finally find it and eat it :/
  if ($1 == !jellyfish) describe $chan passes $nick a jellyfish and eats it, After 10 mins $nick gets stung and dies :( Lets have a funeral :D
  if ($1 == !stingray) describe $chan passes $nick a Stingray....... $nick eats it, BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :( how sad...
  if ($1 == !trout) describe $chan passes $nick A trout on a dish $nick flips it up and eats it
  if ($1 == !salmon) describe $chan passes $nick some salmon, he eats it, Nothing happens :(
  if ($1 == !shrimp) describe $chan passes $nick a shrimp.............  $nick turns round... Flip FLop $nick turns back round The SHRIMP IS GONE OH NO!!!! $nick finds it and eats it
  if ($1 == !shark) describe $chan passes a massive shark $nick eats it in 1,000,000,000,000,000 zzzzz..... 000,000,000 bites zzzzzz.... $me has gone to sleep
  if ($1 == !dolphin) describe $chan tosses $nick a dolphin... It lands on his plate and smashes his plate and everything in its way... $nick revives and eats it :)
  if ($1 == !sardine) describe $chan passes $nick a tiny sardine.. with some pepper on, $nick eats it and Sneezes all the time now :D
  if ($1 == !whale) describe $chan throws $nick a whale, It crushes $nick , But Stupidly $nick revives From the hand of god and eats the whale (to big!!!)
  if ($1 == !lavaeel) describe $chan lobs a lava eel onto $nick 's plate and it melts through it. Bad luck.
  if ($1 == !chest) amsg OMG!! $nick ordered a chest!!!!! OMG!!!! $nick opens it and finds nothing.
  if ($1 == !tuna) describe $chan gives $nick some tuna on a plate... Happy days :)
  if ($1 == !rsnap) describe $chan snaps $nick some red snappers who snap him to death.
  if ($1 == !mackeral) describe $chan leaves the mackeral in the dining room and it arrives 10 mins late
  if ($1 == !herring) describe $chan Soz were all out
  if ($1 == !anchovies) describe $chan gives $nick a couple of small anchovies to eat.
  if ($1 == !cod) describe $chan passes some cod coated with batter to $nick.
  if ($1 == !pike) describe $chan shoves some pike down $nick 's throat.
  if ($1 == !seel) describe $chan slips some slimy eel onto $nick 's plate XD
  if ($1 == !eel) describe $chan gives some eel to $nick
  if ($1 == !bass) describe $chan says were all out. (not)
  if ($1 == !mfish) describe $chan gives $nick a massive monkfish to eat. It heals 20 of his 1 hp
  if ($1 == !mray) describe $chan says it will take 5 hrs to cook one. You wait for eva and neva get 1
  if ($1 == !sturtle) describe $chan throws a sea turtle out of the sea into the cooking pot fills it with fat puts it on a plate and shoves it in $nick 's mouth lol...
  if ($1 == !beer) describe $chan $me tosses $nick a can of beer from the speciality beer shop. Beers ordered:  $+ %beers
  if ($1 == !vodka) msg $chan 4,8sorry were all out... :(
  if ($1 == !larga) describe $chan $me sneaks a bottle of larga to $me and $nick
  if ($1 == !lwine) msg $chan 4OMG I CANT BELIVE IT WERE ALL OUT STUPID DANG MACHINE...
  if ($1 == !wine) describe $chan $me says your to drunk to drink any more.. HAW HAW
  if ($1 == !shrew) describe $chan $me passes a ranndom bottle of air... LOL fooled
  if ($1 == !bsran) describe $chan $me passes $nick a bottle of Besteran that i just made up lol...
  if ($1 == !morine) msg $chan 4,8  We're all out lol....
  if ($1 == !fwine) msg $chan 3,7$nick I told u once again theres no such thing N00bzor!
  if ($1 == !cappucino) describe $chan $me passes $nick a mug of cappucino
  if ($1 == !tea) msg $chan 11,4 $nick were all out... :(
  if ($1 == !coffee) describe $chan $me passes $nick a jug of coffee with lots of caffine in XD
  if ($1 == !scoffee) describe $chan $me passes $nick a cup of the special coffee with a hint of chocolate :)


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PATX   -  Mar 14, 2009

eee it ok. i give it a 5

BrainBryce   -  Jul 15, 2008

Updated... lol

Logan   -  May 01, 2008

Nice script. I\'d give it about a 7/10 since you\'re new to scripting and this is one of your first scripts, but its a really great script... Seriously.

criminal   -  May 01, 2008

Quite spammy..
Easy to flood, as Lindrian said: Add A Delay.
It\'s ok since you\'re pretty new in this stuff.

BrainBryce   -  Feb 23, 2008

It is Updated MAJORLY!!!!!!

Anti   -  Oct 25, 2007

hmm very useless :) but good idea it should be able to give it to other people like !lobster OhGoody and it hands a lobster to OhGoody something like that to sprouse it up

T7Davey   -  Oct 25, 2007

im tryin without doing the quoters name

Just do quote=\"name\" but with the [ :D

Kyousoukyoku   -  Oct 14, 2007

Part of getting better is criticism. I tried not to be too harsh, but it takes feedback to get better at scripting. I wasn\'t trying to be cruel or anything, but just giving him feedback. I can\'t give this snippet a high rating because it isn\'t efficient enough. That will just encourage him to become a little better and try to learn.

Half of my comment was directed at other users by the way, but I can\'t disagree with them either. I, personally, don\'t see a difference whether it is one text event or many (besides organization).

Rozza   -  Oct 14, 2007

omg he is a newbie, let him go, as time goes on, he shall get better...hopes >_>

Kyousoukyoku   -  Sep 24, 2007

I have to agree that it is usually more efficient to put them in one event. But either way, it\'s not the worst script on the planet. The on :text\'s are not in one event, so what? I see no reason to generalize that is tragic, even though we all are picky about script organization. In my opinion, depending on the level of his scripting, this should get a 3.5. As a recommendation, I would put the on :text events into one and perhaps add a little more efficiency to this script. Perhaps prices and accounts? I know that\'s a bit much but it would add a bit more originality to the script.

napa182   -  Sep 24, 2007

lol yeah if you try to use the quoters name it screws up somewhat

guest598594   -  Sep 24, 2007

im tryin without doing the quoters name

guest598594   -  Sep 24, 2007

how the hell do u do quotE???

napa182   -  Sep 24, 2007

how can u give it a 7, its the simplest script you can do, and he wont even put em all in one on text

I concur with mountaindew it can be alot better script...

guest598594   -  Sep 24, 2007

chocolate_pie or BrainBryce?

Sephiroth1n6   -  Sep 24, 2007

well he is a newbie scripter

guest598594   -  Sep 22, 2007

how can u give it a 7, its the simplest script you can do, and he wont even put em all in one on text

chocolate_pie   -  Sep 22, 2007

This is a great script, the stingray and jellyfish are...kinda weird, but I suggest putting something like Mackeral or Red Snapper on the menu, alltogether I\'d give it a 7/10 ^.^

Gummo   -  Sep 07, 2007

I don\'t see where the accusations are coming from.. This isn\'t the same as backoff\'s script at all.

guest598594   -  Sep 07, 2007

id put em all together

on *:text:*:#:{
  if ($1 == !dolphin) describe $chan tosses $nick a dolphin... It lands on his plate and smashes his plate and everything in its way... $nick revives and eats it :)
  if ($1 == !sardine) describe $chan passes $nick a tiny sardine.. with some pepper on, $nick eats it and Sneezes all the time now :D
guest598594   -  Sep 07, 2007

its too not to :P

Storm2108   -  Apr 21, 2007

Dude Nice Script and Suarabh he suggested a sea food script so stfu i give it 8/10 sincce its your first

S*A*U*R*A*B*H   -  Apr 15, 2007

oh, then plz do.

BrainBryce   -  Apr 15, 2007

Yeh..... I know how to edit it

Its quite good

S*A*U*R*A*B*H   -  Apr 15, 2007

I put the seafood script in blackoffjackson !restaurant in my bot\'s remotes. work\'s perfectly

S*A*U*R*A*B*H   -  Apr 15, 2007

BrainByce, copied his !retaurant

if he made the script wouldn\'t he know how to edit it?

|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 14, 2007

The whole beverage and food industry is starting to pick up again... Its a good practice script to work on to get your skills up and for your first script its a nice effort, BainBryce. However, you never stop learning stuff with scripts... thats the fun of it. Try some of the suggestions given to the coding, see if it you can it going and if its better, its worthwhile in the long run, and hey, if you ultimately don\'t think the suggestions improve the script, then don\'t add it ;). Keep working at it.

Lindrian   -  Apr 14, 2007

Backoff, stop accusing people. Its pathetic.

BackoffJackson   -  Apr 14, 2007

Well, nice try to copy me. ;)
Steal my drinks and I will make your head go boom! :D

BrainBryce   -  Apr 14, 2007

Nah i wont

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