8ball - txt file

By mysterycool on Apr 13, 2007

This is a usual 8ball script but cuz many of you said that it would be better if there was a txt folder where you could write ur answers. Well, I created a script like that.

Just go to the mirc directory, create a file called 8ballanswers.txt anc copy what I am saying to you in the code.

You can of course add more answers if you want to!

Commands: !8ball

;Copy this into your remotes (Alt+R)

on 1:text:!8ball*:#: {
  msg $chan $me is shaking the box with the answers....
  timer 1 4 msg $chan $read($shortfn($mircdir) $+ 8ballanswers.txt)

;Copy this into the file that you created that is called 8balanswers.txt

Are you crazy?
Of course not!
Most probably...
Are you insane?!
Of course!
I think so...
Maybe yes...
Maybe no...
I'm not sure...
How should I know?!
Duh! Of course!
Are you mad?! Of course not!
Don't ask me!


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X1qu10n3r   -  Apr 15, 2007

on 1:text:!8ball:#: {
var %8ball $r(1,$lines(8ball.txt))
msg $chan The Magical 8ball says \" $+ $read(8ball.txt,%8ball) $+ \"
.Add 8ball Message: var %a $?=\"8ball Message:\" | write 8ball.txt %a

|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 14, 2007

hmmm where I write \"mut\" above... i had to ask myself.. \"wtf is \'mut\'??\"... its a dog\'s brand of \"must\"...

|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 14, 2007

I mut agree... I was expecting the snippet to create a mechanism for entering answers for the 8 ball to use. On any current 8ball snippet out there anyone can go to the file and add their own answers... I guess the first part of the intro mislead me about the snippet....

Lindrian   -  Apr 14, 2007

This is not even a snippet.
Its like three lines, and it doesnt fulfill it\'s own name.
Why dont you add a proper function;

on *:TEXT:*:#: {
if ($1 == .add) {
if ($nick isop $chan) {
if ($2-) {
.write 8ball.txt $2-

or something..

mysterycool   -  Apr 13, 2007


Lindrian   -  Apr 13, 2007

Where\'s the function to create the answers?

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