Get help from a bot.

By S*A*U*R*A*B*H on Apr 13, 2007

Hi, This my first script.. in hawkee

Paste the code's in your bots remote.. Then ask anyone to type !IRChelp

The bot will notice the user some day to day commands like how to kick, register a chan, etc etc

Tested, and it works properly


# Script: IRC help                 #
# Scripter: Saurabh                #
# Find me at: on #ZX # 

on *:TEXT:!IRChelp:#:{
  .notice $nick |Commands|
  .timer 1 1 .notice $nick !h change nick
  .timer 1 2 .notice $nick !h register nick
  .timer 1 3 .notice $nick !h identify nick
  .timer 1 4 .notice $nick !h join channel
  .timer 1 5 .notice $nick !h part channel
  .timer 1 6 .notice $nick !h register chan
  .timer 1 7 .notice $nick !h use colors
  .timer 1 8 .notice $nick !h perform action
  .timer 1 9 .notice $nick !h pm
  .timer 1 10 .notice $nick !h set away
  .timer 1 11 .notice $nick !h change channel topic
  .timer 1 12 .notice $nick !h invite
  .timer 1 13 .notice $nick !h op
  .timer 1 14 .notice $nick !h deop
  .timer 1 15 .notice $nick !h kick
  .timer 1 16 .notice $nick !h ban
  .timer 1 17 .notice $nick !h unban
  .timer 1 18 .notice $nick !h details 
  .timer 1 19 .notice $nick !h access
  .timer 1 20 .notice $nick !h entry msg
  .timer 1 21 .notice $nick !h perm co-onwer
  .timer 1 22 .notice $nick !h change channel password
  .timer 1 23 .notice $nick !h voice
  .timer 1 24 .notice $nick Type the commands above in the channel we both are :)
on *:TEXT:!h change nick:#: .notice $nick How to change your nickname:  Type /nick <your-new-nickname>
on *:TEXT:!h register nick:#: .notice $nick How to register your nickname: Type /ns register <your-password> <your-email-address> 
on *:TEXT:!h identify nick:#: .notice $nick How to identify to your nickname: 1. Change to the appropriate nickname by using /nick <your-registered-nickname>   2. Type /nickserv identify <your-nick's-password>
on *:TEXT:!h join channel:#: .notice $nick How to join a channel:  Type /join #<channel-name>
on *:TEXT:!h part channel:#: .notice $nick 1. How to part a channel:  Type /part #<channel-name> 2. How to part all channels your on: Type /partall
on *:TEXT:!h register chan:#: .notice $nick How to register a channel:  Join any named channel by typing /join #<Your-choise-channel-name>, after you join the unregistered channel of your choice, type: /msg chanserv register #channel <password> <description> >> This command can only be performed by a registered nickname.
on *:TEXT:!h use colors:#: .notice $nick How to use colours in text: Press the buttons CONTROL + K then choose the number of the colour you would like to write in, then simply type what you want as you normally would.
on *:TEXT:!h perform action:#: .notice $nick How to perform an action: Type /me <action>   >> ie; /me looks around
on *:TEXT:!h pm:#: .notice $nick How to private message someone: 1. Double click the users nickname in the nicklist, and begin chatting in the new window. 2. Alternatively you can use /query <nickname> <message>
on *:TEXT:!h set away:#: .notice $nick How to set yourself as away:  Type /away <reason> >> Using /away without a reason will set you as no longer being away (back at computer)
on *:TEXT:!h change channel topic:#: .notice $nick How to change channel topic: Type /topic #<channel-name> <new-topic>   >> Can be used in conjuction with the script colours, to make a colourful, attractive topic.  >> Onlychannel operators can change the channel topic.
on *:TEXT:!h invite:#: .notice $nick How to invite people into your channel: Type /invite <nickname> #<channel-name>
on *:TEXT:!h op:#: .notice $nick How to op someone in a channel: Type /mode #<channel-name> +o <nickname>  >> You must already be opped yourself to perform this command.
on *:TEXT:!h deop:#: .notice $nick How to deop someone in a channel: Type /mode #<channel-name> -o <nickname>  >> You must already be opped yourself to perform this command
on *:TEXT:!h kick:#: .notice $nick How to kick someone in a channel:  Type /kick #<channel-name> <nickname> <reason>   >> ie; /kick #ZX Saurabh You are not welcome here.
on *:TEXT:!h ban:#: .notice $nick How to ban someone in a channel: Type /mode #<channel-name> +b <nickname>  >> You must already be opped yourself to perform this command.
on *:TEXT:!h unban:#: .notice $nick How to unban someone in a channel: 1. Type /mode #<channel-name> -b <nickname> 2. Alternatively, you can also double click the channel window and bring up the Channel Console to unban users.  >> You must already be opped yourself to perform these command.
on *:TEXT:!h details:#: .notice $nick How to find out details of another user: Type /whois <nickname>
on *:TEXT:!h perm co-onwer:#: .notice $nick How to permanently add a user as co-owner (~) of your channel: To give someone a perm ~ in the channel you have two choices.  Safer way: This includes using levels on the channel and not aop/sop, type /cs set #chan xop off, then for the user to receive ~ do /cs ACCESS #channel ADD nick 999 , Unsafer way: 1. Give them the channel pass. 2: Have them type /cs IDENTIFY #channel password 3: Have them type /cs OWNER #channel
on *:TEXT:!h entry msg:#: .notice $nick  How to set an entry message for your channel:  Type /chanserv set #channel ENTRYMSG <message>
on *:TEXT:!h change channel password:#: .notice $nick  How to change your channel password: 1. Identify to chanserv for your channel using /chanserv identify #channel password 2. Type /msg chanserv set #channel password new-password >> ie /msg chanserv set #ZX password trees
on *:TEXT:!h voice:#: .notice $nick How to voice someone in a channel: Type /mode #channel +v nickname >> To devoice the user, type the same command with -v instead of +v >> You must already be opped yourself to perform this command


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SnoooP   -  May 19, 2008

now i get it... there are two nicks for one person... this has confused me for a while now lol.... and yeah just delete any comments that upset or offend you..

Syele   -  May 19, 2008

too many notices. Arrgh!

Otherwise, its nice.

you could also remove the <>\'s inthe help, Noobs always try to type them.

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Aug 12, 2007

darn is this your third nickname, if you have a problem with comments, delete them.....

Shadow Clash   -  Aug 11, 2007

I made it fare & square.

Shadow Clash   -  Aug 11, 2007

Shut up you two.. Idiots.

Storm2108   -  Jun 02, 2007

Most Probaly He Is Always Stealing Scripts

Calzo   -  May 13, 2007

he copied it off somewhere ;x

DaNzO-   -  Apr 14, 2007

my bad, i forgot the score ;)

8/10 :)

DaNzO-   -  Apr 14, 2007

Furby, give him/her a break, they may be new :)

S*A*U*R*A*B*H   -  Apr 13, 2007

Soon there will be more updates.. I just wanna make sure that it appears properly ^^ not about the quality lol

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Apr 13, 2007

on :TEXT:!h:#: {
if ($2- == change nick) { do script }
elseif ($2- == THIS NEEDS) { UPGRADING }

i would give it a 6/10 for effort, but shorten it to only one on text event

BrainBryce   -  Apr 13, 2007

Well done on that

I think its very good


BrainBryce   -  Apr 13, 2007

Well done on that

I think its very good


S*A*U*R*A*B*H   -  Apr 13, 2007

hehe thanks flaze ^^

hmm soon there will be with more commands :)

DarkFlaze   -  Apr 13, 2007

great script and great idea, well done Saurabh ;x

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