Ban Protect

By chicknh8r on Apr 12, 2007

Copy this code, then in mirc click alt+r to open your remotes. It may be wise to then goto FILE, then NEW and create a new file just for this snippet. Save it. Now, if your an OP in the channel that someone bans you, it will auto unban your $banmask, $banmask covers $bnick I believe. You can Enable/Disable this snippet by right clicking in a channel, and you can also Enable/Disable a punish nick for banning you. I included a timer to help prevent mode change flood in the ban channel.

menu channel {
  Ban Protection ( $+ $replace($group(#banpro).status,off,Disabled,on,Enabled) $+ )
  .$iif($group(#banpro).status == on,Turn BanProtect (OFF),Turn BanProtect (ON)):{
    $iif($group(#banpro).status == on, .disable, .enable) #banpro
    .echo -a Ban Protection $iif($group(#banpro).status == on,Enabled,Disabled)
  .$iif($group(#banpun).status == on,Turn BanPunish (OFF),Turn BanPunish (ON)):{
    $iif($group(#banpun).status == on, .disable, .enable) #banpun
    .echo -a Ban Punish $iif($group(#banpun).status == on,Enabled,Disabled)
#banpro on
on *:ban:#: $iif($banmask iswm $address($me,5),.timerbanpro 1 $rand(1,4) $iif($nick != $me,$iif($me isop $chan,$iif($group(#banpun).status == on,mode $chan -bo+b $banmask $nick $nick,mode $chan -b $banmask))))
#banpro end
#banpun off
#banpun end


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[-DDC-]Darkness   -  Feb 13, 2008

Dude, you ripped this. :\

This is the God Protection Script. :/

DaNzO-   -  Apr 14, 2007

so what does it do, Unban me, Ban them, Kick them ?

Pass   -  Apr 13, 2007

Actually chicknh8r, one could still use /enable or /disable.. Or if the user accesses the remotes, they can change anything there too.

chicknh8r   -  Apr 12, 2007

I chose to use a group instead of setting a variable. Cause you can always set a variable for on/off switch. Example: set %banpun on
if (%banpun == on) { punish the nick }
However, using a group as a switch, you always know whether its on or off. ;)

no_body21   -  Apr 12, 2007

banpun off

banpun end

what is that?

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