By juhapuha on Apr 10, 2007

this protects you from banning deoping and kicking.. if u get shitlisted it doesn't matter this is so fast it will kickban the person after few kicks who was added you. :) i made this whole night and fight with erazorbot and apache-root bot. this script only for quakenet!
notice : when you wan't to remove nick from banned list: use /unbanall


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Abtehi   -  Nov 12, 2008

Can you make one for Undernet Please?


juhapuha   -  Jul 14, 2007

my first script :D and i posted it a long time ago here.. is there bracket missmatches? i dunno but i made new.. without ugly timers or bracket missmatches.

Len   -  Jul 14, 2007

I suggest using /ban -k $chan $nick 2 reason - theres a few bracket mismatches there and some unneeded brackets and alot of ugly timers, I suggest you use /flood instead of making timers, good try though, better luck next time. :)

juhapuha   -  Jul 12, 2007

yep.. only for QuakeNet..

luiigi   -  Jul 10, 2007

this looks good, i have tried it. this is just for quakenet right? i hope someone makes a version of this for dalnet. i have tried using it on dalnet, i duno if it\'s just because of the server, as i can honestly say i am no good in scripting, just starting to learn. i tried it but later on i ended up kicking myself instead of my practice partner who was kicking/banning me.. also when i do /unbanall it clears all bans, and bans myself with the +b -b wildcard. wish there was an alias which only unbans all those ip which was banning/kicking me and i was kicking in revenge.
but so to say, nice work though. maybe it\'s just my configuration and server.

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