Super Simple Identifier/chan joiner

By Viper01 on Apr 03, 2007

This is just something I threw together since I dont enjoy typing out the identification code in IRC/mIRC everytime I log on. Its pretty simple, just paste into remotes and leave it. next time you log on, it'll id for you and join channels that you set. (dont forget to change the nicks and passes for your own!)

####Viper's Connect Script!#####

on *:CONNECT: ns identify <nick> <pass> | join <chan> | join <chan>


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Viper01   -  Apr 28, 2008

Ty for the feedback Dizzle, and sorry for not getting back to this for awhile, I\'ve been busy studying up on scripting\'s more advanced features(Dialogs, Ini files, etc.) so when I find some free time, I\'ll redo this one. and yes, this was my first script.

Dizzlenub   -  Aug 25, 2007

Can you challenge me to do something, Ronin? I\'m bored...and out of ideas.

As for the script...
Ignore the critisism if this is one of your very first scripts... I didnt make a autoidentifier until two days ago and I\'ve been scripting for months. This is a pretty worthless script, but for a new guy\'s first scripting inventions were ontext saytexts, so its pretty good.

Secondly, Deathwave, if you understood half the complicated scripts out there, you would probably see that why they can\'t work for you, is because you are not using them correctly. ;)

Thirdly, as a suggestion back on the snippet\'s subject, some things could be added to make your script a little bit better...

  • You should list it all into mIRC\'s coding, in Status, so when you connect you identify... Go to Popups, View, Status, and this edits your status (server) window\'s right click function, and make it in there, if its not too advanced.

  • If the above is too advanced, you should make a alias. Here\'s an example.

alias autoident {
if ($1 == $null) {
echo -a Please enter the nickname you would like to register into Auto Identify.
elseif ($2 == $null) {
echo -a Please enter a password to register with.
else {
set %auton $1
set %autop $2
echo -a Auto Identifier has been set to your nick, $1 $+ , and to the password $2 $+ . If one or both of these is invalid, please type /identreset.

alias identreset {
unset %auton
unset %autop
echo -a Auto Identifier has been reset.

on *:connect: {
if ($me == %auton) {
msg NickServ identify %autop

That should work... made from scratch, but it should work.

Your welcome.

  • Dizzle
Callison1   -  May 24, 2007

Nice answer Ronin!

peterpowell   -  Apr 09, 2007

instead of \"join | join \" cant you just have join #chan1,#chan2


RoninWarrior   -  Apr 05, 2007

DUMB lmfao haha far from being dumb.Has an editor my self I havent said anything about this 1 line of code being dumb worthles of any sort.Secondly I can be a bit more strict and have it removed for not following rules.Maybe Deathwave you should read them your self
3rd I simply made a comment that it could be handled a bit easier is all there is so much room for upgradeing this snippets I my self would like to see it stay has a snippet here and see how the peron whom submitted it will add to this to make it a better line\'s of code.This is all could be done pretty simple just by updateing the itroduction and exsplaining in better detail on what needs to be changed for this to work properly.Another exsample is ns what is ns I my self know of it but alot of others do not and not all nickserv servers support ns ,maybe ns is an alaias used to shortin nickserv itself if so then were is the alaias? Hopefully Deathwave you understand know why some people make the comments thay do and being rude and saying people are dumb also comeing from you whom only has 1 comments and 8 post to the HELP forums I challange you to do something better like sockets.

There are plenty of sockets stuff on this site to were you should be able to make a simple socket snippet that will monitor specific ports for connects.This is my challange to you ill give you a week and I will be waiting for your submission.

ZabuzaMomochi   -  Apr 05, 2007

@ Sorry for excessive use of comma\'s, lol.

ZabuzaMomochi   -  Apr 05, 2007

Deathwave, you obviously know nothing of mIRC scripting, this is the EASIEST thing around and it doesn\'t matter if its a big code or a small code, it usually matters on how useful it is, and this isnt useful at all, if you would look at RoninWarriors previous post, you would know.

deathwave   -  Apr 05, 2007

Lmfao u all are dumb this is cool it isnt one big hard thing u should have more commands like this... Without all the fancy skdff;anff;an*j;afnas stuff that doesnt do anything this is the only one i see really work

RoninWarrior   -  Apr 04, 2007

This could all be handled alot easier in the built in mIRC perform function.

Acid-Religion   -  Apr 03, 2007

Adding super simple in the title will most likely qualify as more or less useless... This needs more to stand out, I am guessing it is (or was) something like 10 snippets like these here on Hawkee.
Look at similar snippets and find features that will make yours stand out!

Lindrian   -  Apr 03, 2007

This is very, very simply and I dont even know if I can class this as a snippet. You should have tried adding a menu, dialog or something similiar do make it easier to configure etc.

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