channels\query's hider

By CodeProphet on Mar 31, 2007

this little command here helps u keep ur channels and privates safe when there is someone next to u and u would like to get some privacey hehe

just type /hider or press F12

u can always change F12 button to any of the FKeys incase an F12 alias already exists "incase u didnt know" :=D

alias F12 /hider
alias hider if (%h.p = -h) { set %h.p -w } | else { set %h.p -h } | set %hchan $chan(0) | while (%hchan) { window %h.p $chan(%hchan) | dec %hchan } | set %hq $query(0) | while (%hq) { window %h.p $query(%hq) | dec %hq } 


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BackoffJackson   -  Apr 01, 2007

Nice snippet, very original, love it. I\'m sure you could get even better ratings if you work on your grammer, still, great snippet!

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