By gennarino on Mar 30, 2023

GeoIP localization for hidden IPs Address.
Some IP addresses are not visible because users connect throught Web-Interfaces to IRC. In most cases IP is hidden in the IDENT field
as Hex number. In this case this snippet can help to build a correct request for WEB Based GeoIP localization sites.
In very few cases the IP is not shown in any way: here there is nothing that I can do.
Of course I do not have the conceit I will reveal IP behind VPN: what happens behind the VPN will remain in the VPN

on *:JOIN:#: { 

  var %ident = $ial($nick).user

  if (( $nick isop $chan ) || ( Mibbit isin %ident ) || ( qwebirc isin $site ) ||  ( simosnap isin $site ) || ( mib_ isin $site ))   { 
    .echo 4 -a 4☆9☆8☆ - Nothing I can do :-( ! 

  if (( isin $site ) || ( webchat isin $site ) || ( isin $site ) || ( isin $site )) {

    set  %id $longip($base( %ident , 16 , 10 ))  
    .echo -a 4☆9☆8☆ 4---ID811-2-4IP 4---»  $nick $+ :   0,12 $+ %id 

Here you can find a screeshot showing how the script works (at least for me)

And this screenshot is about what you see when you click on the http(s) links in the previous figure


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