Black/shit list - with wilcards!

By Lindrian on Mar 17, 2007

This is/was my second attemp on a proper dialog, and it ended up well. I came up with the dialog structure, finished it, and DarthReven topped it off, with some special stuff. (he remade most of the $did events, thanks!)

How to use:
Either click status (in the main menu) or right click the channel.
After that, you'll see the "Blacklist". Hold ur mouse cursor over it, and a option "Open Dialog" will pop up, cick it, and the rest is pretty much self explanatory.

If you find any bugs, questions about anything, or if it aint working, leave a comment and ill see what I can do.

Also leave a comment of what you simply think of the code!
Good? Bad? Average? Why?

Just some constructive information!

Also, rate it ;)

Once again, Special thanks to DarthReven!

(If you wonder why I made it, It was simply to keep ban evaders away! Cause, im in a crowded channel, and people tend to ban evade. When I did it like this, it worked out pretty nice ;).)

With the help yet again, from Darthreven, he managed to solve the problem, to see if the eprson is on any of your provided channels. Which you will be promped for.
Many thanks to him.

Also a few aliases got removed, that didnt make much sence, and as I noticed the start event was not needed, I cleaned it up.


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ManicWaldo   -  Jun 21, 2011

Alco .. don't feel bad .. neither can I

Warriorii   -  Dec 21, 2010

I just loaded it and gave it a try and it works great! Can't see any problems with it so far but if i find any i'll let you know. keep up the good work. I also Rated it a 9 and well deserving.

Alco`   -  Feb 20, 2010

Looks nice but i cant get it to work

Eugenio   -  Mar 03, 2008


Eugenio   -  Mar 03, 2008

lawlz I was still n00b back here

Lindrian   -  Apr 24, 2007

haha, thanks ^.^

I am going to update it, as it needs some proper updates, but I have no time at this point, working on my away system, huge propject of nearly 2.4k lines at this point, when im done with it, and my exams are cooling down, ill make this very, very good.

greenlanter420   -  Apr 20, 2007

ahh haha my bad like I said I hadn\'t looked through it really the script is really nice though the rating was wayy too low at a 5 I gave it a 9 moved it up a bit I can\'t believe other crap gets high rating and actual quality scripting gets the shaft typical shit always floats to the top.

Lindrian   -  Apr 20, 2007

change the option the dialog, urs is set to just kick.

greenlanter420   -  Apr 19, 2007

the other thing is that it doesn\'t readd the ban atleast where i\'m using it so the person just joins and gets kicked over and over its annoying it should reset the ban maybe its just dalnet but I dunno I haven\'t really looked through it

Lindrian   -  Apr 14, 2007

Ill try to upgrade it for a bot version when Im dont with my away system.

greenlanter420   -  Apr 14, 2007

you should create another version for a bot in a channel it would be sweet to have it able to have blacklisted users and list them and remove them its a really well made script.

Darkkeeper   -  Apr 01, 2007


Lindrian   -  Mar 17, 2007

Aight, I updated it a little, removed and added the parts as you mentioned above. (Havent used that kind of stuff before, so i didnt know you were able to ;p)

CHeers once again.

DarthReven   -  Mar 17, 2007

Ok a few things that you may want to consider: these lines in your on start and on load events aren\'t really needed \" if (!$isfile(ban_evasion_list)) { write ban_evasion_list.txt }
filter -ffct 1 32 ban_evasion_list.txt ban_evasion_list.txt\" as to having on start and on load i\'d just get rid of on load. As for your ban_evasion_reset alias this statement \"if ($?!=\"Do you really wish to reset all settings?\") {\" i could type in wally wally wanka and it would default what i would change it to so you have a yes or no option: alias ban_evasion_reset { var %r_chk $input(Would you like to reset all settings to default? $crlf Action: kick $crlf Channel: -Undefined- $crlf Kick Message: Ban evaders don\'t belong here! And Don\'t come back!,yv,Blacklist - Reset) | if (%r_chk == $yes) { commands }

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