Types Of Most Famous Vietnam Coconut Candy

By vietnamtrips on Dec 18, 2022

Types Of Most Famous Vietnam Coconut Handycam

Among the most popular dishes in Vietnam is coconut candy. You'll /find this tasty treat everywhere, including the country's most popular restaurants and street food markets. These sweet treats are usually made from coconut, palm sugar and spices. There are several varieties of Vietnam coconut candy to choose from, so you'll find something to suit your taste.

I - Ben Tre province - the land of Vietnam coconut candy

Located in the South-West province of Vietnam, Ben Tre is the center of the coconut candy production industry. The sweet flavor of the product is a trademark for this land.
This candy is made from malt, sugar, and coconut milk, creating a unique taste. The coconut candy is not only tasty, but it is also a good source of income for the local people. In fact, the traditional craft is considered an art, and it has been passed down through generations of the Vietnamese.
To make Vietnam coconut candy, a special mixing formula must be followed. This formula has to include a number of ingredients that are specific to the region. The ingredients for making coconut candy are mainly coconut milk and malt. These ingredients are processed and heated at a high temperature. The mixture is stirred continuously to achieve even heat distribution. Traditionally, the process is done with large wooden paddles. However, some factories have special machines for the stirring process.

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II - Coceau - top most famous Vietnam coconut candy brands

Developed in the 1930s, Vietnamese coconut candy is a fun little treat for tourists visiting Ben Tre Province. This gimmicky candy is made with simple, readily available ingredients and is quite tasty.
The traditional process involves grating fresh coconut flesh and then pressing it to extract coconut cream. Then, the mixture is mixed with sugar and malt syrup. The mixture is poured into non-stick molds and left to cool. The name coconut is a mouthful so you might want to choose dry coconuts to ensure a rich, thick flavor.

III - Popular types of Vietnam coconut candy

1 - Peanut gummy coconut candy
This coconut candy has peanuts left intact to create a rich flavor for the candy when you chew. This kind of Vietnamese coconut candy is also an ideal choice for those who want to try different types of coconut candies.

2 - Durian peanut peanut candy and durian gum
Durian when combined with coconut milk creates a greasy, delicious flavor. For those who can't eat durian, you can try this candy to get used to the characteristic smell of durian. The candy has a not too strong smell like fresh durian fruit, so it will be much easier to eat.

3 - Cocoa coconut candy Cocoa and cocoa durian
The flavor of cocoa, slightly bitter when mixed with coconut milk, creates a unique aroma of Vietnam coconut candy, recommended for those who love candy that is not too sweet. The combination of cocoa with durian also makes a different type of coconut candy, a new and different flavor than other common candies.

4 - Pandan coconut candy and pandan durian gummies
This candy has the flavor of faint pandan leaves, striped coconut candy, green and white coconut candy with pandan leaf flavor that looks very attractive. This is a type of candy that many domestic and foreign tourists buy as a gift back home.

5 - Taro coconut candy and strawberry jelly
The color and taste of this type of Vietnam coconut candy is so loved by ladies and children. You can try the candies before you buy to feel the taste of the candies and choose the one you like best!

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