Pops v2

By Staccia on Feb 09, 2007

type !pophelp if you really need help...

just paste this in remotes


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no_body21   -  Feb 11, 2007

It\'s her snippet if you don\'t like to add your info then don\'t put it on your \"own\" snippet.

Aaron   -  Feb 10, 2007

its not a rule..but the author\'s notes spot is where it belongs

no_body21   -  Feb 09, 2007

there\'s no rule about putting your info or not on your own snippet. so let her be

Aaron   -  Feb 09, 2007

its....ok at best

(23:28:47) * +CwForAll Aaron Gets A Nasty Coke

should be changed to...

CwForAll gives ....

and stop putting your contact info in every snippet..its pointless

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