Pain Menu

By ArabMetis on May 19, 2004

You right click the user area after adding this to the remote section of mIRC. It has different options for painful things to do to other users. Some parts are slightly disgusting and may get you banned from a channel so be careful and test each one outside of the channel before you use it.

menu nicklist {
  ..Shit:/me Slaps The Shit Out Of $1
  ..Spit:/me Slaps The Spit Out Of $1
  ..Trout:/me Slaps $1 Around With A Large Trout
  ..Devour:/me Devours The Soul Of $1
  ..Mutilate:/me Mutilates The Pathetic Soul Of $1
  ..Send:/me Sends The Soul Of $1 To The Flaming Underworld
  ..Fingers:/me Eats $1's Fingers, With Ketchup, One By One
  ..Dick:/me Chops $1's Dick Off
  ..Tits:/me Chops $1's Tits Off
  ..Eat:/me Eats $1 Whole
  ..Blender:/me Throws $1 Into A Blender
  ..Corpse:/me Spits On The Bloody Corpse Of $1
  ..Eye:/me Spits In $1's Eye
  ..Dick:/me 's  Dick  Spits  On  $1


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j0k3r   -  Jun 22, 2004

looks pretty annoying. congrats, you probably fulfilled your intentions.

CRadle_of_filth   -  May 20, 2004

this popup shit sounds a little bi-sexual

DeathfireD   -  May 19, 2004

ROFL ..Dick:/me \'s Dick Spits On $1

Shinypant5   -  May 19, 2004

Nice torturing, lol, nice little snippet (for mean people :D)

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