warning snippet

By Aaron on Jan 25, 2007

just type !warn nick

updated, var for channel...you can now pm the bot for the same command.

tell me what you think about it, im always up for suggestions :)

on *:connect:{
  if (%warnchan == $null) {
    set %warnchan $$?"what channel do you want this to work in?(max is 1)
on *:TEXT:!warn*:*:{ 
  if ($nick isop $chan) || ($nick ishop $chan) {
    msg %warnchan 4 $2 has been warned.
    .inc $+(%,warn.ban.,$2) 
    if $($+(%,warn.ban.,$2),2) == 3) { 
      msg %warnchan 4 *** $2 has been warned 3 out of 3 times!
      .timer 1 5 .ban -ku600 $chan $2 Banned for warnings. - 10 minute ban -
      unset $+(%,warn.ban.,$2) 


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DarthReven   -  Jan 26, 2007

i didn\'t say you were stupid in some cases (least in older versions of mirc) you could write a script w/o those.

DarthReven   -  Jan 25, 2007

if $($+(%,warn.ban.,$nick),2) == 3 { Why? Barckets are fun: if ($($+(%,warn.ban.,$nick),2) == 3) {

Aaron   -  Jan 25, 2007

i didnt add a if $2 == null :P dont know how

Krobeluskill   -  Jan 25, 2007

You do know that this warns the nick that types !warn right? Unless you want it that way.

Lindrian   -  Jan 25, 2007

Why do you do the messages through the channel? why not like in a PM? on a open event for the BOT, if the nick is a OP in a specefied channel it will react :p. That would be better in my opinion :x.

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