Simple Away system

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Jan 21, 2007
Updated  Jan 21, 2007
Paste it into your remote section of your

Puts you on away/back and ame`s with how many mins or hours seconds you're gone.
Very simple away snippet.

Simply choose the away on your menubar,status or channel menu
You'll see if you're already on away or not.

;"Simple Away System"
;Author: L10n
;Server: DALnet
;Description: Away System

alias awayX {
if ($server) {
if ($away) { ame 14,1Backs -0 $hget(away,1).item 14Afk for: $duration($awaytime) %ax
%away.status = [Off]
else {
hadd -m away $?="type away message" 1
%away.time = $apm
away $hget(away,1).item
ame 14,1Away -0 $hget(away,1).item 14- On: %away.time %ax
.timerAway 0 3600 4Away - $hget(away,1).item 14- Away On: %away.time
%away.status = [On]
else { echo -a * 4You are not connected to a server }
menu menubar,channel,status {
%away.status Away Stats: { awayX }
on 1:start:{
%away.status = [Off]
%ax = 3,10(151415G0)3

alias apm {
set %apm $gettok($time,1,58)
if (%apm >= 13) { %apm = %apm - 12 | return %apm $+ : $+ $gettok($time,2,58) $+ pm }
else if (%apm == 12) { return %apm $+ : $+ $gettok($time,2,58) $+ pm }
else if (%apm == 0) { %apm = %apm + 12 | return %apm $+ : $+ $gettok($time,2,58) $+ am }
else { return %apm $+ : $+ $gettok($time,2,58) $+ am }


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RoninWarrior   -  Jan 22, 2007
Also for you saying that A1Team wrote this stuff for you isnt likely either ,1 neither of your code and or his is consistant any way shape or form and i have deleted submissions from A1TEAM that he has tried numours times to submitt that all were ripped so no matter what weather it be you Opasna-bagra or A1TEAM it is still ripped.And by no means at all is this from reactor script either that script has a dialog away system not a command line/popup one like what nobody 21 has here
Opasna-Bagra   -  Jan 22, 2007
no_body21 pls delete A-1-T-E-A-M comment
Opasna-Bagra   -  Jan 22, 2007
c.c.c.c A-1-T-E-A-M is my friend and he write for me.. lol \"No Problem\"
A-1-T-E-A-M   -  Jan 22, 2007
No Problem :)
no_body21   -  Jan 21, 2007
;ok then thanks
Opasna-Bagra   -  Jan 21, 2007
i say :\"I think\".. but thats not importnats its good
no_body21   -  Jan 21, 2007
I don\'t know what\'s Retactor Script

and as i noted this is a very simple away snippet
and sir i didn\'t rip this
thanks for your comment
this is from my own script
Opasna-Bagra   -  Jan 21, 2007
This is from classic mIRC with little changes... and i think its from Retactor Script.
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