Color Talker

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Jan 21, 2007
Updated  Jan 21, 2007
This snippet just allows you to change colors of your text.
Example, "Hello" would be displayed as "[color1]H[color2]ello"
just put it in your remotes, and make sure you pick your colors through the menu. #talker on

on 1:input:*: {
if (!%co1) || (!%co2) { echo -a Please set the colors in the menu, or disable the talker. | halt }
elseif (/ !iswm $left($1,1)) && (Status Window !iswm $active) {
var %x 1
while (%x <= $gettok($1-,0,32)) {
var %text1 $mid($gettok($1-, [ [ %x ] ],32),1,1)
var %text [ [ %text ] ] $replace($mid($gettok($1-, [ [ %x ] ],32),1,1),[ [ %text1 ] ], $+(,[ %co1 ],,[ [ %text1 ] ],,[ %co2 ],)) $+ $mid($gettok($1-, [ [ %x ] ],32),2,$calc($len($gettok($1-, [ [ %x ] ],32) - 1)))
inc %x
msg $active %text

#talker end

menu * {
..Color One %co1 : set %co1 $$input(Choose a color: Ex. 12,eo,Color,%co1)
..Color Two %co2 : set %co2 $$input(Choose a color: Ex. 14,eo,Color,%co2)
. -
. $iif($group(#talker) == on,$style(1) Enabled,Enabled): enable #talker
. $iif($group(#talker) == off,$style(1) Disabled,Disabled): disable #talker


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guardianANGEL   -  Mar 29, 2010
@X1qu10n3r: this is a solid script. i have to give you congrats on it. this is the one script i offer to people asking for a color talker.
X1qu10n3r   -  Oct 18, 2009
lol its been forever since ive touched mirc, i forget all of this
TheProdigY   -  Jun 19, 2009
Nevermind. I figured it out and rewrote parts of the codes. Works good now.

Anybody have any problems let me know and I'll show you what changes I made to it.

Only thing I haven't been able to fix just yet is being able to change to ANY color I want without it appearing blank to the Java users.

The blue background with light blue text and a couple others work good. But colors like red text with black background, or white text with blue background and others, do not work. They appear blank, like invisible until I change it to some other colors that will make it appear and be visible to all users.
TheProdigY   -  Jun 19, 2009
var %text [ [ %text ] ] $replace($mid($gettok($1-, [ [ %x ] ],32),1,1),[ [ %text1 ] ], $+(,[ %co1 ],,[ [ %text1 ] ],,[ %co2 ],)) $+ $mid($gettok($1-, [ [ %x ] ],32),2,$calc($len($gettok($1-, [ [ %x ] ],32) - 1)))

Somewhere along that line is wrong. And I'm thinking it's something with this part from that line....

$+(,[ %co1 ],,[ [ %text1 ] ],,[ %co2 ],))
TheProdigY   -  Jun 19, 2009
Ok, I played around with it testing it from Java while being on mIRC at the same time. I just started putting different color numbers together to see if any colors come up. Some do, some dont. The ones that don't will remain a blank message. The ones I do will look like this:

(This is what it looks like on Java)

<ProdigY> 11,12**t**11,12**est

Notice the ***** between the letters? I don't know why a bunch of **** comes up. But at least the colors finally came up.

The people in Java are able to see the colors finally when I have one that will show up but it's all screwed up with asterisks (****).
TheProdigY   -  Jun 19, 2009
I've got a question. I used this for mIRC. People in mIRC can see my color change but people using Java instead of mIRC cannot see my colors. They see a blank message. It's all white.

I chose a white text with blue background and it showed up as that in mIRC but it shows up as all white, even with other colors, for the people using Java.

How do I fix this?
Reezy   -  Feb 16, 2009
Great, You should like, Put something on there where u can Set Default colors, so if u change them, or forget them, You can jus click on the Default color, It really doesnt matter to me, but, Great Job :D
PuNkTuReD   -  Jan 28, 2009
when adding your color do
04,01 <-- red text black background

if your using a one digit color, always add a 0 before it
01 02 03 04 etc

here is a real quick re-write so your actions will also be color
HatebreedeR   -  Jan 19, 2009
how can i add a black background on this ?
Firedragon222   -  Jan 18, 2009
it dont do rite for me it says a song i used to have on here over and over...........
Bullet_Dodger   -  Nov 12, 2008
yyou should do it like
I.e ( Example with bold ;)
napa182   -  May 21, 2008
@ A Hylian Human check to see if you have 2 on inputs conflicting with eachother
A Hylian Human   -  May 21, 2008
This doesn\'t work right...
It displays everything I type twice, one without color, then one with the color.
LucSatise   -  Feb 01, 2008
thanks for this. helped me design some skins =]
DarkFlaze   -  Sep 11, 2007
How does this work?
mountaindew   -  Aug 22, 2007
i dont like it, theres better color talkers that do random colors
S*A*U*R*A*B*H   -  Apr 15, 2007
i also have this script, lol ^^
X1qu10n3r   -  Jan 21, 2007
It should work now, any colors....
X1qu10n3r   -  Jan 21, 2007
Nevermind, I see what you mean, it doesn\'t work with color numbers.
Opasna-Bagra   -  Jan 21, 2007
yeah Aaron its doesnt show numbers at all...
Aaron   -  Jan 21, 2007
its nice, but it doesnt show numbers at all
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