Auto Identify

By Sk8erh4x0r on May 15, 2004

Put this in your remotes section to have mIRC auto identify you. Replace password with the password of your registered nick. Then save. That's it!

on *:connect:#: { if ( $nick == $me ) IDENTIFY <password> }


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GreyGhost   -  May 25, 2004

for those other servers

GreyGhost   -  May 25, 2004

on *:connect:#: { if ( $nick == $me ) /nickserv IDENTIFY $nick }

 Respond   -  May 19, 2004

Some networks don\'t have you identify the same way. Most use NickServ, while some (like UnderNet & QuakeNet) use X and Q. You should use an if check to see if the nick Q is online, and check if it\'s an IRCop (raw 311 I believe). Then send your AUTH command. Otherwise, with X, you check it the same way. X should be cservice@* probably, from what I\'d guess. You also should use a %username and %password variable: var %username = MYUSERNAME | var %password = MYPASSWORD. %username will be the Q/X AUTH username.

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