Kick, Ban and Kick-Ban counter

By Dennace on Jan 09, 2007

Using alias's, again, this script counts your kick and bans.
Use /kc to kick
Use /b to just ban
Use /kb to kick ban

alias kc {
  inc %kc 1
  timer7 1 1 /kick $chan $1 You are $me 's 4# %kc 3 Kick
alias kb {
  inc %kc 1
  inc %kb 1
  timer8 1 1 mode $chan +b $address($$1,1)
  timer9 1 2 /kick $chan $1 You are $me 's 4# %kc 3 Kick and 2# %kb 3Ban
alias b {
  inc %kb 1
  timer10 1 1 /mode $chan +b $address($$1,1)
  timer11 1 2 msg $chan $1 was $me 's 2# %kb 1Ban!


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PATX   -  Apr 19, 2009

rating: 8 (very useful)
reason: great script! very useful. i hate you suing freenode's modes to ban ppl. this is great. my only suggestion is to change them to text events. or have both alias + text events!. anyway... keep up the good work.

Patatje-oorlog   -  Oct 16, 2008

With the 'inc' command you don't have to specify how many steps you want to raise the variable.

If the number is not givin it will standart increase the var with 1 ;)

inc %kc 1 -> inc %kc

$me $+ 's would give this -> Patatje-oorlog's connected together :)

But it both works :)
Nice script Thought

damdempsel   -  Aug 03, 2008

i figured it chan needed..

Scakk   -  Aug 03, 2008

damdempsel -- Just type /kc nick

damdempsel   -  Aug 03, 2008

am i doing something wrong...when i do /kc #channel nick it doesnt says timer 7 timer halted

pokemaster23   -  Nov 03, 2007

Hey Nice script, may not be useful to some people but it\'s useful to me.good job Dennace

sp33d-d3m0nx   -  Jun 26, 2007

even though this is a small script, it is usefull for me. good job.

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