Sentence Completer/Ender v1.0

By ZabuzaMomochi on Jan 08, 2007

Well, i wasnt very sure on what to call this, but basically, what it does is it ends your sentences, in an odd way i guess. Its something i wrote because i was bored, so dont tell me how bad it is. (Note: This is very simple. I put it here to get suggestions on the next version of this, which will be much better.)

on *:INPUT:*: {
  if ($+($readini($mircini,text,commandchar),*) isin $left($1,1)) {
  if (!%ase) { return }  
  if (? isin $1-) || (! isin $1-) || (. isin $1-) {
  Else {    
    msg $chan $1- $+ %ase
menu * {
  ..Set ase:set %ase $$?="What character do you usually end your sentences with?(Eg: '.' '?' '!'(Without the 's))" | echo -a Average sentence ender set to %ase $+ !
  ..Unset ase:unset %ase


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ZabuzaMomochi   -  Jan 09, 2007

Sean, Yes, I was that bored. Im making a newer version so I can get a better score for this snippet, so my snippet review score will go up, since it\'s quite low at the moment. This is why I said to give me ideas and suggestions so I can make a better version, since I havn\'t done very much mIRC scripting in a while.

jaytea   -  Jan 09, 2007

actually the best way to check for the command character is:

if ($readini($mircini,text,commandchar) isincs / $left($1,1))

since / is always considered a command prefix regardless of your mirc options :P

sean   -  Jan 09, 2007

you don\'t HAVE to post \"scripts\" when your bored. apparently, you wern\'t that bored if you\'re planning on making another \"version\".

Mpdreamz   -  Jan 08, 2007

if (/ iswm $1) however the command prefix can be changed
if ($+($readini($mircini,text,commandchar),
) iswm $1) is the best way.

Other then that id like to add i dont see the point in this :/

X1qu10n3r   -  Jan 08, 2007

Use if (/ isin $left($1,1)) instead of if (/ isin $1-), it\'ll read the first character in the first word to check for /
Otherwise, good job...

Noutrious   -  Jan 08, 2007

if (/ isin $1-) { return }
i could say
Apples / Pie / Cherry
and it would return, you should use (/ isin $1) but that wont be very correct too, cause i can say apples/pie/cherry so you should use $mid

SyntaxIRC   -  Jan 08, 2007

This isn\'t really useful, theres no filters such as if (!%ase), and instead of saying don\'t use \'s you could easily use $remove($1,\').

Until you improve it, I don\'t really think its useful.

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