By mysterycool on Dec 26, 2006

Ok this is bassicaly for newbies. It's a little 8ball to start them off... I've did it like this so everyone can really easily add or change the answers that he/she wants.



Have fun and fell free to edit it if you want!

on *:TEXT:!8ball*:#:{
 /set %8ball $rand(1,6)
 if (%8ball == 1) .msg $chan No!
 if (%8ball == 2) .msg $chan Yes!
 if (%8ball == 3) .msg $chan Sure!!!
 if (%8ball == 4) .msg $chan Are you crazy?!
 if (%8ball == 5) .msg $chan Are you nuts?!
 if (%8ball == 6) /msg $chan Maybe...


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Bouncer   -  Apr 15, 2007

It was meant to be an easy script and it is. And it does what it is supposed to do with no errors. I give it a 4. But do as RusselB said and add a dialog or hash tables and you will get much higher ratings.

Setever   -  Dec 29, 2006

Indeed, very simple... and 8balls are a learning experience, I suppose -- every author probably does one when they\'re starting out. :P

mysterycool   -  Dec 27, 2006

Anyway I don\'t really post \"big\" scripts by snippets. I posted two scripts and I am waiting if they accept them or something. I think you will like them... But anyway... I am scripting a \"big\" script/bot which has protections, jokes, games, vote, autovoice and many many more.. I am not sure but if I won\'t be lazy I will try for a weather script... IF I WON\'T BE LAZY!lOl

RoninWarrior   -  Dec 26, 2006

mysterycool about your snippet not bad for your first.Ok lets start with the the top here the /set you dont need the / in there irc will process with out it as also with the .msg and /msg you dont need the . or the / in there either. ok know for the rest of the code it all works pretty good even though there is a hundred diffrent ways you can write this out yours works good ok . and for saveing your replys to a .txt file there is no need because you only have 6 replys so on that note do a search for on this site through the addons and snippets to see what else you could add to this snippet to make it better and diffrent from the other 100 8ball scripts that are already here.Like dialogs hash tables make some thing diffrent and better then the rest and your 8ball script will stand out from the rest and good luck.

mysterycool   -  Dec 26, 2006

Guys as I said at the author\'s note it\'s my first snippet in Hawkee.com and I decided to start with something VERY VERY easy! And you can change or ADD ansewrs at the bot! What did you expect?! Anyway... I already posted teo more scripts... waiting for the staff to accept them. The first one is the C00lB0t v1.0 and it has commands like !hug !kiss !beer !cola etc... It\'s kinda cool. The other one is the copy game. It\'s !copy and it copies the nick. I am out of games cause then come trivia, battle games and I\'m really vored today to start them... If you have any ideas for othe rscripts -not only games- then contact me!

Lindrian   -  Dec 26, 2006

That was one hell of a boring 8ball. 2/10 from me.

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Dec 26, 2006

lol! true.

Noutrious   -  Dec 26, 2006

FURBY, maybe easy coding, but the editing could be better using *.txt files.
And the copyright shit at the start would make bugs for newbies, who dont know that it should be removed.

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Dec 26, 2006

simple but yet easy for newbies to add/change the answers.

mysterycool   -  Dec 26, 2006

Hi! It\'s me again! I hope you enjoy the snippet!

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