Cool Text Effects

By PowerDragon on Dec 21, 2006

Follow the directions and and find out how to use it by yourself.


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Clueless   -  Jun 08, 2007

I was browsing around and i saw this. There is an Error on line 70 with a missing piece. I\'ll post it below.

\"/RB section\"

if ( $mid(%rainbow1,%rainbow3,1) != \"Empty space\" ) { inc %rainbow4 }

AHBARAR   -  Jun 03, 2007

Cool Script and nice >:) like it

lehmann14l   -  Mar 17, 2007

this is cool i like it......

PowerDragon   -  Dec 23, 2006


Marshtomp   -  Dec 23, 2006

first: use ;#blah blah
second: You can easily use /menu Channel
Will check more later;

Sasuke   -  Dec 22, 2006

...I made something similar. Hm.

PowerDragon   -  Dec 22, 2006

Ok. I might be posting a Big Text Script later sometime.

PowerDragon   -  Dec 21, 2006

If anyone can tell me where he got it please tell me.

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