Hacking Quotes

By Sk8erh4x0r on May 08, 2004

You can use this script to say random hacking quotes. To use this code, copy and paste it into your remotes section. (Alt+r) Then you need to open up notepad and come up with some quotes related to hacking. Save it as hackqts.txt (if you decide to name it something else, make sure the script corresponds with it.) Type !hackqts to use. Have fun. :)

on 1:TEXT:!hackqts*:#:/notice $nick $read($shortfn($mircdir) $+ hackqts.txt)


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SL   -  Jul 21, 2004

LOL...check my snippet on Quotes and maby make 1 for Hackers so u may add some hackig quotes...o u dont have to add a hackqts.txt but the person qould have to add it by them elves

ThugPound   -  Jul 21, 2004

i can do something like that 2... on :JOIN:#:{ .msg # hey } doh* where is hackqts.txt ?

alex323   -  May 13, 2004

This is so n00bish. You could at least include a quotes file :|

CRadle_of_filth   -  May 10, 2004

Why Random Hacking Quotes? I pretty much think hacking is lame.

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