Scrolling Titlebar

By RusselB on Dec 13, 2006

This keeps a constant display in your title bar of the active channel and it's modes, as well as a count of ops, half-ops, voiced and regular users. The balance of the titlebar displays the channel topic in a scrolled (aka marquee) style.
If the active item is not a channel, then your current nick is displayed in the titlebar.

Just load the script into your remotes and have it run the load/start section.

Note, some people have reported that it takes a bit for the scrolling to start. Also, this was designed to work with tiled windows, not windows that are maximized. The titlebar sometimes looks partially duplicated when working with maximized windows.
I will try to figure out a way around this situation and post an update at that time.

Display now uses the information returned via $prefix
This method does take a little bit longer, but most people shouldn't notice the difference (I timed it using $ticks on a channel with 100 nicks, and it only took 2 milliseconds longer).

Added network and nick display, as well as a count-up for the time used in a particular pm window. Display also shows for Status Windows, however, display is inaccurate.

Updated code to show correct time for pm windows if the window was opened before the script started, and shows correct timing using a modified $duration, rather than the old $duration(3), as a pm window that was open for 25 hours now shows as 1 day 1:00:00 not 25:00:00


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montague   -  Mar 06, 2011

ok RusselB :)>-

SnoooP   -  Feb 26, 2011

Awesome Russel, I look forward to it :)

RusselB   -  Feb 25, 2011

Update for this script and others have had to take a back seat for a while, do to changes in my work situation.
When I post the updated script, I will post a message in the comment section as well.

montague   -  Feb 25, 2011

does it already being updated?

SnoooP   -  Jul 27, 2010

Ok, look forward to those changes :)

RusselB   -  Jul 27, 2010

I'm working (slowly, but surely) on a major re-write of this code, and that re-write contains some major changes. Such as the ability to pick what information is displayed and where. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to change the code to meet your display preferences. Just note that I do not guarantee the script to work correctly if you make any changes to it.

SnoooP   -  Jul 27, 2010

This is just my opinion but I would prefer the ~ & @ % + to appear on the right hand side of the topic, rather than the left. Also I would prefer something other than a , to be used to seperate the chan op modes to make it clearer.

montague   -  Jun 28, 2010

ok, will do.

RusselB   -  Jun 27, 2010

Working on the modifications requested and some others.
This will take longer than normal, as I've recently been advised to start using reading glasses, and I'm not used to them, so my eyes tire more quickly.
Watch here for updates, and, hopefully they won't take too long.

montague   -  Jun 26, 2010

i think it's 17" inch wide

RusselB   -  Jun 26, 2010

Adding that additional information could, depending on the size of your screen, make the number of characters in the scroll very small, or possibly even non-existent from a visual aspect. Please reply with your screen size (ie;9", 10", 15", etc.) so that I can make the adjustments and check them on the same size of screen (or close).

montague   -  Jun 25, 2010

I like this a lot, Russelb.. could u add an additional extra info such as upstream and downstream,idle and uptime for pc? 7/10

RusselB   -  Jun 14, 2007

Script amended to include your suggestion, SpotRedDog. Thanks.

SpotRedDog   -  Jun 10, 2007

I know this seems stupid but is there anyway you can add a option to turn it off, or rather whats the number to shut it off.

AHBARAR   -  Jun 09, 2007

Cool Script RusseIb its so nice >:D

CharltonJ   -  Jun 09, 2007

Awesome!! xD

Callison1   -  May 27, 2007


ZabuzaMomochi   -  Dec 17, 2006

Whoa, this is cool.

RoninWarrior   -  Dec 13, 2006

sorry for the bouble post but after a min or so it started working again though

RoninWarrior   -  Dec 13, 2006

it worked for a bit but i got a error RussleB

  • /titlebar: invalid window (line 33, script2.mrc)
    i loaded it and was checking it out in a new remotes file also ?
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