Ultimate mass mode

By weaver on Dec 11, 2006

This mass mode script lets you put in your own parameters, so there is only need for one script that will do everything for you.
alt +r and paste into your remotes section

usage /mass +v /mass +o /mass -o etc

URL: http://www.mircscripts.org/comments.php?cid=3923

;weaver irc.hackthissite.org #noobs,#help
;remade for source (matthew clayton)

alias mass {
  if ($me isop $chan) {
    var %prefix = $left($1,1), %mode = $right($1,1), %counter = 1, %nicks
    while ($nick(#,%counter)) {
      if ($nick(#,%counter) != $me) %nicks = %nicks $ifmatch
      if ($numtok(%nicks,32) == $modespl) {
        mode $chan %prefix $+ $str(%mode,$numtok(%nicks,32)) %nicks 
        %nicks = ""   
      inc %counter
    if (%nicks) mode $chan %prefix $+ $str(%mode,$numtok(%nicks,32)) %nicks


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SignZ   -  Aug 07, 2012

First, very nice snippet(s) (both work just fine). But I have a question: is it possible to add some check if $nick is opped/voiced/halfopped? That way only those without +o/v/h get the mode. I hope you get what I mean.

Jethro   -  Dec 21, 2010

zaiger, you may want to try this version:

alias mass {
  var %i 1,%p,%m $modespl,%mass,%1 isin
  if $$1 %1 +oop { %p = $+(+,$str(o,%m)) }
  elseif $$1 %1 -odeop { %p = $+(-,$str(o,%m)) }
  elseif $$1 %1 +hhop { %p = $+(+,$str(h,%m)) }
  elseif $$1 %1 -hdehop { %p = $+(-,$str(h,%m)) }
  elseif $$1 %1 +vvoice { %p = $+(+,$str(v,%m)) }
  elseif $$1 %1 -vdevoice { %p = $+(-,$str(v,%m)) }
  while $nick(#,%i) { $iif($v1 != $me,%mass = %mass $v1)
    if ($gettok(%mass,0,32) = %m || $nick(#,0) = %i) {
  mode # %p %mass | %mass = "" } | inc %i }
zaiger  -  Dec 13, 2014

Thanks Jethro :)

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zaiger   -  Dec 21, 2010

Works on channel with 3 people in it, but not on channels with 5 or 20 or 200

sloth   -  Aug 09, 2009

Nice snippet. Fastest massmode script I've ever used.

Anti   -  Jul 10, 2007

I like it, it\'s not like the one i had where you had to be halfop to get it to mass.. :D well done!

Solo   -  Mar 31, 2007

and modes otherwise you will get a excess flood and the fack that yours uses a goto and does a full nick count makes it slower

Solo   -  Mar 12, 2007

thats alittle sad, the fastest mass script i have used. gr8 code <3

weaver   -  Mar 11, 2007

It will be the last time i am on here, keep up the good work guys and i <3 you all. great forum to have been part of, and apologies if i offended anyone in my remarks. GOD bless you all

weaver   -  Mar 10, 2007

code now alot better and more precise, i dont think it can really be done better, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know

xDaeMoN   -  Jan 30, 2007

If they type the command in the channel, \'$chan\' would have a value. That\'s from my experience.

RoninWarrior   -  Jan 30, 2007

@yonix we have lost touch man , we need Chuck Norris help.

Yoinx   -  Jan 30, 2007

does $chan really have a value in an alias? OR am I just really losing touch with scripting?

weaver   -  Jan 30, 2007

Code now 3 mili seconds faster ;)

no_body21   -  Dec 11, 2006

yeah xDaeMoN
like I said it\'s a cool code :P:P:P

RoninWarrior   -  Dec 11, 2006

the code will not trigger if the person that is trigger the /mass ? isnt an op

xDaeMoN   -  Dec 11, 2006

That\'s what the code is for, give the specified mode to everyone in the channel.

no_body21   -  Dec 11, 2006

the code is cool
but for example

a nick or nicks arent op on chan or have no access
you used
/mass +o
this code will try to +o everyone on the channel including users that aren\'t op or dont have an access...

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