By weaver on Dec 08, 2006

This script will get those who paste alot of lines into a channel or people who specially flood. Not get those who talk fast or like to play around a little. Its also multi channel and server capable so you can have it running on different channels and servers and it will work fine.


;made by weaver

on @*:text:*:#: {
  inc -u2 $+(%,flood,.,$nick,.,$wildsite,.,$chan,$cid)
  if ($($+(%,flood,.,$nick,.,$wildsite,.,$chan,$cid),2) >= 7) { 
    kick $chan $nick flooding


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Ghost-writer   -  Aug 26, 2009

i think the , are supposed to be for the $+ :|

guest598594   -  Jan 25, 2008
  inc -u2 $+(%,flood,.,$nick,.,$wildsite,.,$chan,$cid),2)

why\'s there two )\'s if there\'s only one ) ?

johnnysyeah   -  May 29, 2007

Could anyone so kind as to explain this line of code for me?
inc -u2 $+(%,flood,.,$nick,.,$wildsite,.,$chan,$cid),2)
I\'ve been looking at it and I still can\'t find the usage of the
\" ...),2) \"

Solo   -  Apr 27, 2007

Well this is a SNIPPET forum. ;)

|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 27, 2007

Some scripts include an anti-flood as part of the \"package\" of other things that a script offers. However, you still may get people searching for a better anti-flood snippet. Certainly there are variations in approaches to the coding. The work itself is neat.

weaver   -  Dec 09, 2006

i am not sure what you mean by \"But most of the script theese days have a built in anti-flood system\" this is an anti flood for a CHANNEL so it dosent need a \"BUILT IN\" anti flood. i am seriously confused with that comment.

Lindrian   -  Dec 08, 2006

It seems okay I suppose.

But most of the script theese days have a built in anti-flood system ;).

And for thoose who got a chanServ, You could set it to this for you aswell ;p.

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