Advanced DNS v1.0

By Neo on May 08, 2004

This is a replacement for the built in mIRC /DNS. It works just like /DNS except
this allows you to receive much more detailed information, for example:mIRC's /DNS:

;Advanced DNS
;By Neo
;Copyright 2004

;[13:32] * Looking up
;[13:32] * Resolved to

; Advanced /dns:
;[13:32] * Looking up
;[13:32] * Resolved to,,

; It allows you to get a list of all IPs that the host resolves to rather than just the first.

ON *:DNS:{
  if ($dns(0) == 0) {
    echo $color(other) -ts * Unable To Resolve $iif($iaddress,$iaddress,$dns(0).addr)
  else {
    var %numhosts $dns(0), %host = 0
    var %hosts
    while (%host < %numhosts) {
      inc %host 1
      set %hosts %hosts $iif($dns(1) == $dns(1).ip,$dns(%host).addr,$dns(%host).ip) $+ $chr(44)
    echo $color(other) -ts * Resolved $dns(1) to $left(%hosts,$calc($len(%hosts)-1))


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vampslim   -  Jan 15, 2006

Fattyxp is right. You just got busted x)

fattyxp   -  Jan 15, 2006

Good job ripping off someone elses code. This is char for char copy of

Neo   -  May 11, 2004

DJ yea =)

Dj_brokensoul   -  May 11, 2004

luv ur script ..but some irc servers have protection and show same IP for everyone of theyre clients =\

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