8ball script

By MrTom on Dec 01, 2006

Displays a random answer to your question. For example !8ball is it sunny in England? Some may say its magic!

Script ENTIRELY wrote by me do not remove copyright!


~~ FIND ME ON SwiftIRC IN #hawt ~~

on 1:TEXT:!8ball *:#:{
  /set %8ball $rand(1,6)
  /describe $chan is shaking up the 8ball for your question.
  if ((%8ball == 1)) msg $chan The answer is: Yes.
  if ((%8ball == 2)) msg $chan The answer is: No.
  if ((%8ball == 3)) msg $chan The answer is: Doubt it.
  if ((%8ball == 4)) msg $chan The answer is: All fingers point to yes.
  if ((%8ball == 5)) msg $chan The answer is: All fingers point to yes.
  if ((%8ball == 6)) msg $chan The answer is: It's likely.



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-Fear-   -  Feb 23, 2007

ummm lol that is all.

fli   -  Feb 22, 2007

I removed the statement telling me not to remove the title, and then i removed the title.

ZabuzaMomochi   -  Dec 06, 2006

take out the /\'s and you dont need the space between the text trigger and the star

Naemuti   -  Dec 02, 2006

RoninWarrior, Hawkee is NOT the place to be looking if you want impressive mIRC scripting. Also, your raping of the English language disturbs me.

Cobra_Strike   -  Dec 01, 2006

It maybe kinda basic but it beats having an unnecicaraly big script full of different replies
when you can just have one small one and store the rest in a txt file saving space for a start and minimising lagg on your bot and making it easyer to edit your replies as and when you whatn to

I used to have an 8ball script just like it with 122 replies and i found it ran a lot better in this way

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