Heartagram script

By pixle-pirate on Nov 26, 2006

Basicly it just makes a picture of a heartagram, you might want to add in a If ($nick == ) bit because people do spam it sometimes (for newbies the nick lock would be to change the 1st line to On *:TEXT:!heartagram:#: if ($nick == YourNickHere) { )

for those of you who dont know the heartagram is the symbol of the band HIM, its a heart cross pentagle. have fun kiddies

The command to use it is !heartagram

On *:TEXT:!heartagram:#:{
  /msg $chan 0______ 666660________ 9990_ 99
  /msg $chan 0____ 60______ 660____ 990______ 9
  /msg $chan 0___ 60_________ 60__ 90__________ 9
  /msg $chan 0___ 60__________ 690___________ 9
  /msg $chan 0____ 60_______ 60____ 90________ 9
  /msg $chan 0_____ 60____ 60________ 90_____ 9
  /msg $chan 0______ 60_ 60____________ 90__ 9
  /msg $chan 0______ 660______________ 99
  /msg $chan 0____ 60___ 60____________ 9
  /msg $chan 0___ 90___ 60______ 60_______ 90_
  /msg $chan 0 _ 66666666666669999999999999999
  /msg $chan 0___________ 60______ 9
  /msg $chan 0____________ 60____ 9
  /msg $chan 0_____________ 60__ 9
  /msg $chan 0______________ 69


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HassanAbbas   -  Nov 27, 2006

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm great :P

PowerDragon   -  Nov 27, 2006

Thats cool man. Good job.

RoninWarrior   -  Nov 26, 2006

menu {
play ascii:/play $file=\"select ascii .txt file to play:\" [ $mircdirPictures\ $+
.txt ] 1200

just add the lines to a .txt file and save it and then use the popup i provided to play that .txt file and our any text file and the 1200 at the end of the popup is the speed delay you may change that to what ever you want the lower the number the faster it will play and the larger the slower

also DO NOT add the /msg lines to the .txt files it wont work right

Valdran   -  Nov 26, 2006

This doesn\'t result in an excess flood. At least not on the server I go to.

Noutrious   -  Nov 26, 2006

\"Noutrious, please be constructive and professional at all times. Your comments seem to lack both of these attributes.\"
This time it isnt the scripting problem, just the flood & i said my subjective thoughts about these ASCIIs with on:text, this can easily be a big (i dont know how to say it in English), but it could be a big mistake to use this, cause there always could be any lame, attacking clones etc., who use this for bad - for example, repeating !heartagram 20x would cause i guess the people / bot Excess flood disconnection (for some servers) and it would flood the chan. I guess seans post could saw this a little bit, but when the \"yournick\" isnt on-line in some servers you can use the nick for 1min till nickserv would change your nick and thats enought of time to completely flood the chan etc.
I guess this was constructive :D

Acid-Religion   -  Nov 26, 2006

^You could point out how to counter the flood problem... Stop looking after problems, rather focus your energy on solving a problem (not too you personally CapainHollyShort, just in general. Your comments arent the worst Ive seen!).

Naemuti   -  Nov 26, 2006

There is no way to be constructive about this. I\'m sorry, but this is just a flat out waste of space that does nothing but flood.

sean   -  Nov 26, 2006

\"(for newbies the nick lock would be to change the 1st line to On *:TEXT:!heartagram:#: if ($nick == YourNickHere)\"

sorry if this comment is out of line but, you have no room to call anyone a \"newbie\" in result of this submission.

Acid-Religion   -  Nov 26, 2006

This will most likely result in an excess flood. Use a timer or a txt document and /play to counter this...

Valdran   -  Nov 26, 2006

O.O OMG. Heartagram. <3 It floods but I love it.

Hawkee   -  Nov 26, 2006

Noutrious, please be constructive and professional at all times. Your comments seem to lack both of these attributes.

Noutrious   -  Nov 26, 2006

I hate ASCII`s at chan - its lame, plus that stupid flood ^^

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