Menu Help commands V1.1

By Krobeluskill on Nov 16, 2006

When you first put this script into remotes you will have to reconnect for some commands to take effect. The menu commands are self-explanitory and a little access from menu nicklist.
Hope it helps.

More commands will be added as soon as I configure them.

;Menu Help Commands Version 1.1
;By Krobeluskill

On *:connect: { if (!%idpass) { set %idpass $$?*="Set your Password:" }
menu * {
  .Nick : /nick $$?="Enter New Nick:"
  .Identify : /ns id %idpass
  .Register : /ns register $$?="Enter Nick:" $$?*="Enter Password:" $$?="Enter Email:" 
  .SetPass : set %idpass  $$?*="Enter new Password:" | /ns set password $$?*="Enter new Password:" 
  .Ghost : /ns ghost $$?="Enter Nick:" %idpass
  .Group : /ns group $$?="Enter Target Nick:" %idpass
  .Join : /join # $+ $$?="Enter channel name (Without the #):
  .Register : /cs register $chan $$?="Enter Channel Password:" $$?="Enter Description"
  .SetPass : /cs set $chan $$?="Enter New Password"
  .Topic : /cs topic $chan $$?="Enter Topic"
   ..On : /cs levels $chan set autovoice 0
   ..Off : /cs levels $chan disable autovoice
  .Invite : /invite $$?="Enter Nick:" $chan
  .Botlist : /bs botlist
  .Assign : { set %botname $$?="Enter Botname:" | /bs assign $chan $$?="Enter Botname:" }
  .Unassign : { /bs unassign $chan %botname | unset %botname }
  .+m (Mute) : /mode $chan +m
  .-m (Unmute) : /mode $chan -m
Menu nicklist {
  .Add : /cs access $chan add $$1 $$?="Enter level:"
  .Del : /cs access $chan del $$1


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