away system 4.0

By PowerDragon on Nov 11, 2006

Type "/leave" for "NICK is away" It will say this message in all the channels you are in.
Type "/away [reason]" For "NICK is away. Reason: [reason]" Without the brackets of course.
Type "/return" for your nick to be changed back to normal.

alias leave {
  tnick $+($me,$chr(124),away)
  /ame is currently 4away. $iif($1,$+($chr(40),Reason: $1-,$chr(41)))
  //set %duration 0
  //set %reason $1-
  /inc -c %duration | halt
alias return { 
  tnick $mnick
  /ame is 3back from: %reason $+ . ( $+ Gone for $duration(%duration) $+ ) | halt
  /nickserv identify PASSWORD


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fahadbalboa   -  Mar 03, 2009

Not working What Rong with All away remotes man ???

PowerDragon   -  Aug 14, 2007

*note dont use /return use something else like /back

HassanAbbas   -  Nov 25, 2006

look nice and work great thanks

Valdran   -  Nov 12, 2006

I don\'t really see a problem.
But the slashes aren\'t really needed. You can just use \"describe\".

Yoinx   -  Nov 12, 2006

personally.. I\'d do it like:

on *:input:#: {
if ($1 == !away) {
tnick $+($me,$chr(124),Away)
describe $chan I am currently away.
elseif ($1 == !back) {
tnick $mnick
describe $chan I\'m back.
elseif ($1 == !afk) {
tnick $chan $+($me,$chr(124),AFK)
describe I\'m currently AFK at the moment.

if you wanted to use it this way.


  1. Using tnick instead of nick allows you to reference $mnick to get back to the default nick, whereas nick replaces $mnick. Also, using nick you would still have that nick if you were to disconnect and reconnect etc.
  2. Describe $chan is the proper way to do actions to a channel from a script.
  3. You dont have all the on inputs that you had as, I believe only the first one ever should have worked.
  4. You dont have the bracket mismatches.
PowerDragon   -  Nov 11, 2006

My first away system. Made it in less than 3 minutes.

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