A simple id script

By Cobra_Strike on Nov 09, 2006

to use this open your scripts editor with alt+R and past this to a new "Blank" Remote..

What this will do is on connecting to the server a box will pop up asking for your password I made this because I get tired of typing the id command all the time.. once you click ok this script will then id you... As the title says a simple id script.. Just thought I would share it for others to use, As to make things just a little easyer.. No doubt I will get someone else commenting saying "well you could just do it this way" but to be honest I dont care lol XD

on *:connect: { 
  .msg nickserv identify $$?="Please Enter your password to identify with the server" 


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Cobra_Strike   -  Nov 11, 2006

SyntaxIRC That doesnt work as that is pretty similar to what i tryed shortly after i pasted this snippet

And yonix that is nearly excatly what i made in the end but i couldnt get it to work because i just had


Instead of


The rest i managed to figure by the end of last night
So im glad you done this as it has shown me where i went wrong XD
and that i now know i wasnt that far off lol

Yoinx   -  Nov 10, 2006

yeah, people like to script things differently anyway... here\'s how I would do it.

on :notice:nickname is registered*:?: {
echo -a registered
if ($nick == nickserv) {
if (!$($+(%,nickservpass.,$network),2)) .timer 1 1 setnickservpass
else msg nickserv identify $($+(%,nickservpass.,$network),2)
alias setnickservpass {
set $+(%,nickservpass.,$network) $$?=\"Enter Your password for nickserv on $network $+ \"
msg nickserv identify $($+(%,nickservpass.,$network),2)

larry   -  Nov 10, 2006

this all allready is in
Nickserv Aut-Ident (WORKS EVEN WITH BNC) by SeminolePride

SyntaxIRC   -  Nov 10, 2006

You can use it this way, it\'ll still be simple:

on *:connect: {
if (%pwserv == $null) {
.set %pwserv $$?=\"Enter your regually used password here to store\"
.echo -a Password stored. You can edit your password later in your variables.
.timer 1 1 .ns identify %pwserv
else {
.ns identify %pwserv
.echo Auto-Identified on $network ( $+ $server $+ )

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