Away System V1.2

By Krobeluskill on Nov 08, 2006

Snippet has been tested. Alias Away & Back + Input Reason. I've added a little code where if someone says your name it messages them with "Shhh, I'm away."

If people usually call you by a shortened version of your nick change "on text: $+ %x $+ :#:" to "on :text:YOUR_SHORTENED_NICK:#:"

Updated: Added rememberal so now all you have to type is /away (reason), and when you get back just type /back.

;Away System Verson 1.2
;By Krobeluskill

/away { set %j $time | set %l $ctime | set %x $me | set %awayr $1- | amsg I am now away (4Away Reason: $1-) (2Time left: %j $+ ) } { nick $me $+ `Away }

on *:text:* $+ %x $+ *:#: if ( $me == %x $+ `Away ) notice $nick Shhh, I'm away.

/back { amsg I am now back (4Away Reason: %awayr $+ ) (2Gone for: $duration($calc($ctime - %l)) $+ ) (3Left at: %j $+ ) } { nick %x | unset %l | unset %x | unset %j | unset %awayr }


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Krobeluskill   -  Nov 12, 2006

Added notify away.

Krobeluskill   -  Nov 09, 2006

Thanks, i\'ll lookout. The only reason I did alias and menu is because I just provided ways in which you can set yourself as away. Although I do agree that Menu would be the key choice. So I will take away the alias.

Krobeluskill   -  Nov 08, 2006

Well, I experienced a problem with the Menu\'s of the Away System but I have sorted the problem and now it works fine! A little note, could anyone make it so if you do away twice it doesn\'t make me KrobeluskillAwayAway???

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