Your Bots Command List

By destind dule on Oct 29, 2006

This is my 2nd script so far w00t! Ok this is very simple all you have to do is paste the scipr into your remote (Ctrl + R) and fill in the rest of the info for the commands your bot has!

Step 1: Paste the script into your remote (Ctrl + R)

Step 2: Fill in the list of commands your bot has.

NOTE: you can change the colors by changing the "?" into #'s from 1-15


On *:TEXT:!commands:#: .notice $nick   [Welcome $+($nick,!!!) ?,?My Commands Are ?,?<command> ?,?<command>


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edgy   -  Apr 12, 2010

Don't you need permission to PM/Notice users on most networks?

destind dule   -  Nov 06, 2006

thank you neo i thought of using the .txt files but i thought this would be better! Thanks anyways

Ne0   -  Nov 03, 2006

to make it smaller and prevent flooding, create a text doc named Commands and list the commands available for use then use this..
on 1:text:!Commands:#:if ($isfile(Commands.txt)) { play -p $nick Commands.txt 1500 }

Brian   -  Nov 02, 2006

it will maby flood only if u do it alot of times...

krimson   -  Nov 01, 2006

that doesn\'t matter. notice or pm, dumping THAT many lines will flood

krimson   -  Oct 30, 2006

@Brian: you don\'t really want that many lines sent to somebody. It will just dump all that text and cause flooding and such problems. You need to keep any output as concentrated in one line as possible. If you can\'t keep it in one line, use 2-3 lines, but with a decent timer between them

Brian   -  Oct 30, 2006

u did can do it much easyer and in 1 line isn`t too good:
on *:TEXT:!commands:#:{
/msg $nick Thit are me commands
msg $nick

and that a phew times under it like thit:

on *:TEXT:!commands:#:{
/msg $nick Thit are me commands
msg $nick !8ball
msg $nick !@Rsnews
msg $nick !calc
msg $nick !gratz
msg $nick !murder
msg $nick !pull
msg $nick !@price
msg $nick !@pest
msg $nick !@Stats
msg $nick !defname so u can use just single commands like !stats !cmb etc...
msg $nick !@
msg $nick !clan
msg $nick !poll votes whits !yes and !no questions
msg $nick !seen
msg $nick !@rs2
msg $nick !togset and !togreturn

krimson   -  Oct 29, 2006

Again, not quite useful. You could turn this one in a very useful snippet by dynamicaly creating a list of commands, based for example on a text file. You could read and parse through all loaded .mrc files and see what commands do people have access to, and where they are active. If you need any help with how to do this, use the forum\'s mirc scripting section and ask for help.

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