Random Quote Snippet

By destind dule on Oct 29, 2006

This is the 1st script i have ever wrote so tkae it easy on me! All this is a kinda help snippet you paste into your remote so that if a person needs a quote for a daily quote sll they have to do is go to ur channel and typer !randomquote


Step 1: Create a new remote page (Ctrl + R) and paste the 1st section into it!

Step 2: Go under the C:\Program Files\mIRC file on your PC and right click and press "New Text Document" and name it randomquotes

Step 3: Paste the second section into the text file you just made and save it! You can add more quotes and change the color if you want! Just type 9,2 then the quote.

Enjoy my 1st script ever!!!

ON *:TEXT:!RandomQuote:#: {
  msg $chan Here is a random quote: $read(randomquotes.txt)


4,2How can u feel pain if you have no feelings??
9,2All melee and no magic makes wizard a mad boy!
4,2Whats a life worth if you ahve no respect for yourself?
9,2Act in the valley so that you need not fear those who stand on the hill.
4,2The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made.
9,2All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time.


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RoninWarrior   -  Oct 30, 2006

try this one out for some help krisom it is my non dialog version and it is all pretty basic.change alter as you need .

destind dule   -  Oct 29, 2006

Thx man ill keep looking for more idea and give me some idea of pretty simpl scripts to make and ill try

krimson   -  Oct 29, 2006

I\'ve given this script 3 because it just a very basic example of the $read function. You should do some research and see what other quote scripts offer, and see what you can add to them. Posting the same type of script, with no extra functions is of no real use.

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