Channel Transfer

By ldcrew on Oct 28, 2006

This is a channel transfer script you put in remotes (Alt + R File/New File ~ Paste, Edit Chans & Networks).. set the channel from where you want to transfer all activity and the network .. then from where to send, Turn on/off by right click in window.

Author: Mostly Rand (Big thx goes to him) ldcrew and some IRC help.
Use it how ever u want.

/ ldcrew

menu channel {
  .On: set %relay on | echo -as RELAYER Turned 09ON
  .Off: unset %relay | echo -as RELAYER Turned 04OFF

on *:text:*:#Channel: {
  if ($network == FromNetwork && %relay == on) {
    var %network = ToNetwork , %schan = #ChannelToSendTo
    var %text = $+(<,$nick,>) $1- , %i = 1
    while ($scon(%i)) {
    if ($scon(%i).network == %network) { scon $scon(%i) msg %schan $(%text,0) | return }      inc %i    }


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ldcrew   -  Nov 04, 2006

im not that good with /scon etc.. if i was i would have done it better but feel free to post a replacement to the code and il edit it

best regards ldcrew

krimson   -  Oct 29, 2006

i see no reason for you to declare the relay network and channel for every line of text. you could use a popup menu (for example) to change those values and store them as global vars, not local.

ldcrew   -  Oct 28, 2006

First Snippet on hawkee :)

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