Help needed

By vwknuus on Apr 10, 2020

I am knew to Hawkee and not sure if I can post this here. Apologies otherwise
I have a word scramble game and would like to add a command to the portion of script below to continue to the next word if correct.

At the moment the user must again type the command: !next to produce a knew word. Is it possible to add a line before the closing brackets to automatically execute the command: !next

on $*:TEXT:/^[!@.]guess/Si:#: {
if $($+(%,scram.scramword.,$chan),2) {
if ($2 != %scram.origword. [ $+ [ $chan ] ]) { .msg $chan LOL that was a wild quess! Try again! }
else {
writeini Docs\Scramble.ini points $nick $iif($readini(Docs\Scramble.ini,points,$nick),$calc($readini(Docs\Scramble.ini,points,$nick) + 5),5)
.msg $chan 5Clever little you! Great $nick $+ ! 10You now have $readini(Docs\Scramble.ini,points,$nick) points.
unset $+(%,scram.*.,$chan)


I have searched for a solution and asked for advice on other forums without success. hope to find friendly faces here to assist.


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blackvenomm666   -  Jun 25, 2020

where is the rest of the coding for the game? this can't be all of it

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