Scriptable Slap Revenge (UPDATED)

By SeminolePride on Oct 19, 2006

Its a pretty basic slap revenge script... When you paste it.. make a file in the same directory as mirc called slaps.txt within slaps.txt there are tags you can use..

;<m> = your name, <u> = the person who slapped you's name.
;Example: <m> dodges and kicks <u> in the teeth!
;Special Thanks to Noutrious From Hawkee.Com
; For any further help/comments.
on *:ACTION:*:*:{ 
  if ($nick != $me) {
    if (*slap* iswm $1-) && (* $+ $me $+ * iswm $1-) { 
      %tmpslp = $replace($read(slaps.txt),<m>,$me, <u>, $nick)
       if (!%tmpslp){ 
       %tmpslp = Scriptable Slap Script is not properly configured.
       echo -a %tmpslp
     describe $chan %tmpslp


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moshkin   -  Nov 13, 2006

what should be in the slaps.txt?

atom_man   -  Nov 02, 2006

two people with this scripts meet.. One slaps the other, and whoops an infinitiv loop of slaping...

try adding:
var -u5 %cou.slap = 1
if (%cou.slap) { return }

SeminolePride   -  Oct 29, 2006

Updated.. Now it also does a simple check to make sure the file is giving us back anything.. If not itll tell the user that it isnt properly setup :)

Willihouse   -  Oct 27, 2006

Not bad at all.
I like the way you use this piece of coding to check to make sure you are actually in there slap \' ( $+ $me $+ iswm $1-) \'.
well done brother.

SeminolePride   -  Oct 23, 2006

Look at the script now Noutrious.. :)

Noutrious   -  Oct 23, 2006
  %tmpslp = $replace($read(slaps.txt),<m>,$me)
  %tmpslp = $replace(%tmpslp,<u>,$nick)

could be
%tmpslp = $replace(%tmpslp,,$nick,,$me)
unset %tmpslp
isnt needed, it is needed when you set variable with /set, this time it isnt setted. (after script using it will automatically delete)

Cobra_Strike   -  Oct 20, 2006

Lol I like it been havin fun making people slap me and whooping their a$$
in multipul ways XD

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