Dynamic Dropdown Menu

By da^hype on Oct 18, 2006

A function to build a basic dynamic dropdown menu.


 * Dynamic Dropdown Menu
 * by da^hype (shahir reza ali)
 * www.codedb.org
 * 12/10/2006
 * $fieldname = Name of the field
 * $array =  An associative array.
 * $firstentry = First option in dropdown
 * $lastentry = Last option in dropdown
 * $onchange = $onchange designates a JavaScript to run when the user chooses one of the options.
 * $selectedkey = Default selected item
 * Example:
 * $_array = array('1'=> 'one', '2'=> 'two', '3'=> 'three');
 *  echo create_dropdown("numbers", $_array, "Select One", "Dont Know..", FALSE, 2);
function create_dropdown($fieldname, $array, $firstentry = FALSE, $lastentry = FALSE, $onchange = FALSE, $selectedkey = " ")
   $dropdown = ($onchange != FALSE) ? '<select size=1 name="'.$fieldname.'" onchange="'.$onchange.'">' :
                '<select size=1 name="'.$fieldname.'">';

   if ($firstentry != FALSE) //if $firstentry is not FALSE, set one!!!
       $dropdown .= '<option value="0">'.$firstentry.'</option>';

   foreach($array AS $value => $name) //loop threw array to create the menu
        $dropdown .= ($value == $selectedkey) ?
                      '<option value="'.$value.'" selected="'.$selectedkey.'">'.$name.'</option>' :
                      '<option value="'.$value.'">'.$name.'</option>';

   if ($lastentry != FALSE) //if $lastentry is not false, set one!!!
       $dropdown .= '<option value="-1">'.$lastentry.'</option>';

   $dropdown .= '</select>';

  return $dropdown;  //return the dropdown menu



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qakbar   -  Jun 21, 2010


Is their an example with css on how this works??? I want ot create a dropdown css based menu for a learning purposes, the tutorials I have are using table structure and basic vertical menu system that is crap. I want ot learn how to design horizontal dropdown menu. I can describe what i mean.

Subjects: (i.e. Home, About us, Contact us)
id (Int 11 - Primary, Auto)
menu_name (varchar - 30)
Content - (Text)

Pages: (i.e. Related to Subjects not all subjects to have pages with them)
id (Int 11 - Primary Auto)
Subject_id (Int 11 - [related to subjects])
memu_name (Varchar 30)
Content (Text)

Any help provided is much appreciated, my email is qakbar@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you Qaysar

da^hype   -  Oct 18, 2006

You dont have escape quotes to display $variables in strings \"hello $nickname\" works fine. Only when your referencing an array do you need to \'..\'

  • i know, it\'s just a habit i have. :)
Mpdreamz   -  Oct 18, 2006

I hate standard dropdowns CSS has hardly any grasp on em and they show trough DIV\'s positioned over them in IE. (Thats why in my projects i use my own custum built one).

You dont have escape quotes to display $variables in strings \"hello $nickname\" works fine. Only when your referencing an array do you need to \'..\'

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